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How To: Purify Water With Simple Tools
You never know when or where extreme thirst might occur. Exploring ancient ruins in the Amazon, you drop your canteen into a snake-filled gully. Or you’re hiking in the Appalachian woods, miles from a water fountain.

Or, maybe you’ve always craved a sip of the water in UMBC’s Library Pond. No need to fret. With the help of Karin Readel, senior lecturer in UMBC’s Geography & Environmental Systems program, and her sidekick, Bob the dog, you can have your lake and drink it, too.

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Early Risers
After 9 a.m. – and until the last classes of the day – UMBC is a busy place.

The Commons and Quad and Academic Walk bustle with students and faculty and staff going busily about the business of learning. Classrooms and labs are filled with the sounds of lectures and discussions – or the concentrated silence of experiments and exams. The parking lots are full – and parking services employees write tickets to the scofflaws.

But there is also a great deal going on at UMBC and in its vicinity before most people turn their cars onto the Loop or exit a bus each morning. So we asked writers and photographers to set their alarms and capture some of the morning sights and sounds of the campus waking up. These early birds found not only their worms – but much more.

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Orser’s Local Odysseys
Ed Orser, professor of American Studies, has a special interest in examining the history in places around UMBC and its immediate environs. His own research – including his 1996 book, Blockbusting in Baltimore: The Edmondson Village Story and his 2008 book, The Gwynns Falls’ Baltimore Greenway to the Chesapeake Bay – has unpacked the complexities and changes in Baltimore neighborhoods, waterways and parks.

Nine Digit Histories
From behind his large, tidy wooden desk at the Social Security Administration’s headquarters in Woodlawn, Larry DeWitt, ’04 M.A., history, will happily discuss the philosophical underpinnings of social insurance and the importance of knowing the past when making future decisions about the nation’s economic safety net.

Reconnecting Alumni
Greg Simmons ’04, M.P.P. was named UMBC’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement in late December – a position that includes leadership on alumni issues for the university. He has worked at UMBC in a number of positions, including stints at The Shriver Center, in Corporate Relations, and as a Special Assistant to the university’s president, Freeman A. Hrabowski, III.

Sketches to Shovels
Right now, the site is marked on campus maps as Parking Lots 9 and 16. But next summer, the university hopes that shovels will be busy breaking that ground to build a new $150 million Performing Arts and Humanities Facility.

Green for Green
Think MTV and students and you likely conjure the image of Daytona Beach – and not harnessing biogas from farms. But UMBC Biodiesel Club members Nick Selock, Marsha Walker, Donterrius Ethridge and Angela Nealen may have you thinking again.

Fun & GAIM
All-nighters. Advanced skills in video gaming. Both factored into the Global Game Jam, an annual weekend-long sprint of gaming creativity held in late winter all over the world.

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