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Dr. Robert Deluty Reads His Poetry
Robert Deluty simply can’t help himself. Poetic moments may strike at any time, in any place. He wouldn’t be so rude as to compose a full haiku during an administrative meeting, per se, but he’s certainly not above scribbling a few choice phrases on the nearest sugar packet. He hopes you don’t mind. “If you are aware and alive, every day provides new opportunities,” says Deluty, an associate professor of psychology at UMBC since 1980 and associate dean of UMBC’s Graduate School since last July.

Got Gritty? The True Tail of UMBC’s Mascot
He may not fit into a jersey yet, but UMBC’s new mascot Gritty (so named by the nearly 900 athletics fans who voted online last fall) is already a regular on the courts and fields. Our new favorite Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s rookie card is sure to be a collector’s item.

Can Concrete Help the Chesapeake?
Most of us barely give the pavement beneath us a second thought. But Stuart Schwartz, a senior research scientist at the UMBC’s Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education, thinks deeply about it. Schwartz studies pervious concrete – a building material riddled with voids that allow water to trickle through it. If this material becomes standard for driveways, parking lots and low-traffic roads, it may help manage the flow of storm water and pollutants into the Chesapeake Bay and other imperiled waterways.

Aging Boomers in a Class of Their Own
When Jena Rathell ’09, management of aging services, watched YouTube videos on her laptop this past semester, there was a good chance that she was doing homework. Rathell was a student in “Aging 100: You Say You Want a Revolution? How Baby Boomers are Revolutionizing Aging” – a new high-tech undergraduate course offered by UMBC’s Erickson School of Aging Studies.

Web Links

The Smog Blog
When fires blaze across the Western United States, it’s just a matter of time until the resulting haze and dirty air plumes travel downwind to neighboring states – even as far away as the East Coast. In 2003, environmental scientists at UMBC invented a method to track significant air pollution events and to provide a daily diary of air quality across the United States. The result is an innovative Web site known as the “Smog Blog,” which now attracts some half a million users annually.

Celluloid Deities
Can street paintings and advertisements be studied as art? And can examining other cultures inform our answer to that question? In her new book, Celluloid Deities, Preminda Jacob, an associate professor of art history and theory in UMBC’s Department of Visual Arts, replies in the affirmative to both questions

KAL on Campus
When renowned political cartoonist Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher came to UMBC, he wanted to push his craft into the digital age. He did that – and much more – by spurring innovative research and prodding a new generation of students to get involved in politics and media.

Diary of "Digital Dubya"
Intro to "Digital Dubya"
The Choice
US Democrazy
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