The Department of Marine Biotechnology (DMB) is a premier research center for basic and translational research in marine biotechnology and marine molecular microbiology. We use the tools of modern molecular biology and biotechnology to make basic scientific discoveries that may be applied to study, protect and enhance marine and estuarine resources. DMB faculty focus on key areas of marine molecular biology to solve practical problems confronting the Chesapeake Bay and the greater marine ecosystem.




The Aquaculture Research Center (ARC), an extensive fish-holding facility, is an 1,800-square-meter, state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible marine core facility that provides excellent experimental capacity for research with marine organisms.

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Marine Microbial Processes

Microbial processes contribute to a broad array of biological and hydrological processes involving ecology, climate change, geochemical cycling, and energy production.

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Recirculating Marine Aquaculture

DMB scientists and IMET colleagues have developed a completely contained, recirculating, land-based aquaculture that eliminates the environmental problems associated with traditional net-pen fish farming.

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Dr. Tom Cronin
Polarization Signaling in Mantis Shrimps
March 10, 2011

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