Help Desk/Call Center


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Through its Unified Service Center, Perceptis sets the standard in providing help desk support, customer service and business intelligence to Higher Education. We support:


  • Information Technology
  • ERP, CMS, LMS and SIS
  • Information Line/General Switchboard
  • Financial Aid
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment
  • Facilities


We differentiate ourselves by our philosophy of service, our collaborative approach, and our focus on data, root cause analysis and continuous improvement.


We believe that great customer service and great customer satisfaction are the minimum requirement for any engagement. It is what we can do beyond answering the phone that will be of greatest value to MEEC schools.


Our collaborative approach is designed recognizing that great service is a team effort. Our team truly becomes part of your team with everyone pulling on the oars. We will always bring data and we will always be the advocates for MEEC customers.


Finally, our focus on data collection, rich business intelligence and root cause analysis assures MEEC members a service model that will continually improve with time. Our processes will get better and your business processes will get better. In the end, the customers will reap an exceptional service experience.




John Colpitt, Client Relations Manager

325 West McBee Street, Suite 300

Greenville, SC 29601

Office: 864.214.4370




1450 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Phone: 410.455.5617
Fax: 410.455.5600