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Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR)

MIPAR Advisory Board

The MIPAR Advisory Board reviews MIPAR activities; identifies and discusses issues of importance concerning applied policy research at UMBC; and recommends to UMBC officials the appropriate level of resources for MIPAR. The Board includes the Director of MIPAR; the Chairs of the University’s social science departments, the Vice President for Research, and the Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The Board members are:

Christopher Murphy
Professor and Chair, Psychology

J. Kevin Eckert
Professor and Chair, Sociology and Anthropology

Michael Bradley
Professor and Chair, Economics

Scott Casper (Ex Officio)

Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Thomas Schaller
Professor and Chair, Political Science

Marjoleine Kars
Professor and Chair, History

Theodore Gonzalves
Associate Professor Chair, American Studies

Donald F. Norris
Chair of MIPAR Board and Director, MIPAR
Professor and Chair, Public Policy

Eugene P. (Sandy) Parker
Associate Professor and Chair, Geography and Environmental Systems

Tyson King-Meadows
Associate Professor and Chair, Africana Studies

Eugene Schaffer
Professor and Chair, Education

Carolyn J. Tice
Associate Dean and Professor, School of Social Work

Bruce Walz
Professor and Chair, Emergency Health Services

Carl V. Steiner
Vice President, Research