The LASA Gender and Feminist Studies Section is dedicated to promoting networking and dialogue on issues related to women and gender in Latin America and the Caribbean, incorporating different aspects of feminist studies in the social sciences and the humanities.

The Section assists researchers, students, practitioners and others interested in the exchange of ideas and academic work. The LASA Gender Section makes a special invitation to new people to integrate as members of our Section and to participate in the next International Congress.

The LASA Gender and Feminist Studies Section also organizes other important activities: the pre-conference prior to the LASA Congress and the LASA Gender Award.

The pre-conference will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A complete information of the theme and organization of the pre-conference will be announced in the coming months.

For the third time, the Section will call for participation in a competition for the LASA Gender Award that recognizes the contributions made by academics. Convocations for such prizes will be announced soon.