In 1972, a coalition of East and West coast feminists from the United States organized the WomenÆs Caucus of Latin Americanists (WOCLA) in LASA. WOCLA disbanded with the creation in 1982 of the TASK FORCE ON WOMEN IN LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES, which is the only task force that elects its own co-chairs, and who have always included women from Latin America and the Caribbean. 
On May 15, 1997 the proposed change in the LASA By-laws to restructure task forces and working groups as LASA Sections to allow for the creation of new Sections- became official. As a result of this process, the Task Force on Women in Latin American Studies became the LASA GENDER AND FEMINIST STUDIES SECTION.

To date, 24 Sections have been approved by the LASA Executive Council. Members may join as many Sections as they choose, adding a modest fee per Section to their LASA dues.