Omar Ka
Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, French language, Wolof language

Thomas T. Field
Sociolinguistics, literacy, language maintenance, French and Occitan

Edward Larkey
German popular culture, German ethnicity, GDR studies

John H. Sinnigen
Modern Spanish and Latin American fiction, ideologies and literature, Mexico


Zakaria Fatih
Francophone Studies, Enlightenment, Critical Theory; Arabic Language

Ana Oskoz
Technology in the foreign language classroom, Second language acquisition, Language teaching and curriculum development

Sara Z. Poggio
Sociology, Latin American societies, Hispanics in the U.S.

Denis M. Provencher
French Civilization and Cultural Studies, Language, Gender and Sexuality, Conversation and Discourse Analysis, Intercultural Communication

Elaine Rusinko
Russian language, literature, culture and society, Carpatho-Rusyn studies

Judith M. Schneider
Modern French and literature, Latin American / U.S. Latino literature, Jewish literature and the Diaspora

Ana María Schwartz Caballero
Language teaching and curriculum development, learning strategies, heritage Spanish speakers, media

Anna M. Shields
Director, Honors College; medieval Chinese poetry and prose, particularly the social contexts for literary writing

John Stolle-McAllister
Cultural studies, Latin-American popular culture, social movements

Germán Westphal
Generative Syntax, Spanish Language

Steven Young
Historical phonology, Slavic and Baltic linguistics

Nicoleta Bazgan
French cinema studies, French cultural studies and popular culture

Adriana Medina-López-Portillo
Intercultural communication, intercultural training, Mexican cultural studies

Marie de Verneil
French language, instructional systems development

Brigitte May
German language, literature and culture

William Brown
Chinese language, literature and culture

Milvia Hernández
Spanish language

Maria Manni
Spanish language

Samir El Omari
Arabic language

Susanne Sutton
German language

Yoon, Kyung-Eun
Korean language