Teaching and Curricular Design

Curricular Innovations:

Development of instructional materials on CD-ROM, Africa Interactive Maps

New Course Development:


LING 310: Introduction to Phonology

LING 370: Language Planning

MLL 612: Linguistics and Bilingualism


FREN 303 (topics course):

-The French Language in Africa

-Africains de France, Français d'Afrique

FREN 305: French Phonetics

FREN 326: The Francophone World

FREN 401/601 (topics course):
-La Francophonie

-The Spread of French

FREN 471/671 (topics course):

-Senegal: The French Experience

-Francophonie: Myth or Reality


WOL 101: Elementary Wolof I

WOL 102: Elementary Wolof II

WOL 201: Intermediate Wolof I

WOL 202: Intermediate Wolof II


MLL 210/AFAM 213: Africa: Language, Culture and Development

HUM 121H: Introduction to the Study of the Humanities

WL 200 (Goucher College): Senegal: A Triple Heritage