Selected Professional Activities



Guest Lectures

"Prosodic Domains in Wolof Vowel Harmony." Department of Linguistics Colloquium, University of Maryland College Park. October 20, 1988.

"Interdisciplinary Curricular Innovations in Foreign Language and International Studies." (with E. Larkey). Goucher College. November 26, 1990.

"Le français au Sénégal." Department of French and Italian Colloquium, University of Maryland College Park. October 18, 1991.

"Une nouvelle place pour le français au Sénégal." Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, George Mason University. November 6, 1991.

"Language Policy and Education in Francophone Africa." Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State. March 1993, September 1994.

"Language and Educational System in Senegal." Montgomery County Public Schools and National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar. Rockville, MD. March 19, 1994.

"Le conte africain dans la classe d'immersion française." NEH Training Seminar for Teachers of French, University of Maryland College Park. June 26-July 2, 1996.

Keynote Speeches

"African Language Research and Teaching: Issues and Perspectives." African Language Project Conference. University of Maryland Eastern Shore. November 6-8, 1992.

"African Language Instruction in the United States: Old Challenges, New Ideas." First International Conference on African Language Studies in Transition. University of Maryland Eastern Shore. September 28-30, 1995.


Consultant in Linguistics for the UNESCO Seminar on the Teaching of Wolof. Bureau Regional pour l'Education en Afrique, Dakar. November 2-6, 1981.

Consultant for the American University, Mid-Atlantic Equity Center, Washington, D.C., on Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication in the Classroom. May 3, 1991.

Consultant for Ay Baati Wolof, A Wolof Dictionary. by P. Munro and D. Gaye. UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics, no. 9. 1991.


Summer 1979 Conducted a linguistic survey on Pronouns in Wolof and
their Dialectal Variants, University of Dakar
Summer 1977 Conducted a lexical survey on Children's Spoken Wolof
in the Cap-Vert Region (Senegal), University of Dakar

Other Professional Activities

Associate Editor, and Manuscript Reviewer, Studies in African Linguistics.
Grant Application Reviewer for the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (F.I.P.S.E.).
Grant Proposal Reviewer for the National Science Foundation.
Special Member of the Graduate Faculty, University of Maryland at College Park.
Co-organizer of, and participant in, the"Espaces" Series on West Africa, UMBC. 1995-1996. (with Thomas Field)
Outside Member, Doctoral Thesis Committee. University of Texas at Austin, Department of Linguistics. June 8, 1992.