The diversity of the experience is enhanced not only by immersion into a new culture, but also by the background that each participant brings with her or him.The declared majors and career plans of the participants are equally diverse, varying from Modern Languages and Linguistics, Social Work, Economics, Political Science, History, Philosophy and Psychology to Dance and Graphic Design to Engineering, Biology, Biochemistry, Geography/Environmental Systems, Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Studies.


How would you describe your first semester experience in the ILE?

"It's awesome to be able to speak and practice my target language."

"The best part of the ILE was the exposure to cultural diversity I experienced as well as the support I received from my mentor and the other ILE coordinators."

"I loved interacting with other students who spoke Spanish and the
mentors were really helpful."

"I loved the community environment of the ILE floor."

"The best were the cultural meetings and all the great food."

"It was a fun hall to live in: very social and active."

"For the first time I was surrounded by others with similar interests as
me. I loved living with my roommate."

"I became more comfortable with attempting to better my language skills."

"It was so diverse, friendly and interesting."

"Meeting people that speak other languages was very interesting. I was able to learn a lot about other cultures."

"It is a more comfortable learning environment than a classroom."

"I really enjoyed being able to practice another language and live with others who want to do the same thing"

"Everything was great."