Scholarly Paper Samples

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MA Scholarly Paper and Thesis Topics:


Rosenthal, G. “The United Workers and the Struggle for Dignity and Fair Development” (Thesis)

Tyler, E. “My Country Looked Like America": Reflections and Experiences of English Language Learners in an Urban Public School” (Thesis)

Liptak, L. “The Pragmatics of the Interracial Couple: Discourses of Normativity and Whiteness in the Couple”

Cerquetti, D. “We’ll Find You a Nice Boy: Italian-American Discourse across the Generations”

Perez Broncano, M. O., "RYP ESL Mentors Training"


Cohen, D. “A Critical Gaps Analysis of Peace Corps’ Instructional Workbook, Culture Matters”

Collazos Sola, M. “A Case of Mediated Intercultural Communication: Representation of People Through”

Ortiz de Rozas, M. “Latin American Immigrants in the U.S.”

Morales, D. “Analysis of Two Spanish Language Textbooks in the United States: Gender Issue”

Jones, R. “Twenty Years after German Reunification: Unity, Division, and Identity”

Vespoint, A. “Deconstructing White Identity: Education, Privilege, and Symbolic Violence”

McCusker, S. “The Pragmatics of Politeness: Using Face for Child Character Development in Nickelodeon’s Phineas and Ferb”

Meyer-Jakuta, K. “The Black English Vernacular Dialect as a Racializing Marker in US Society”

Carmody, S. “¿Y vos/usted/tú?: The Pragmatics of Pronoun Choice to Perform Gender and National Identity in Nicaraguan Spanish”

Wang, A. “Chinese Women in Community ESOL Classes”

Harmon, P. “An Analysis of the French Riots of 2005 Using the Concepts of Bourdieu”

Ponieman, P. “Government Corruption: The Difficulty of Changing Political Elites”

Galarraga-Chaleff, T. “Surviving Homesickness in the U.S.: A Cross Cultural Training for International Students at the English Language Institute”

Heird, K. “The Anti-systemic Movement in Ecuador”

Aldhahi, M. "Acculturation of Muslim Women in American Society"


Gueye, S. “Senghor and Negritude studied through Bourdieu and Fanon “

Mesias, H. “Decolonization in Bolivia: Past and Present”

Handy, C. “Pretending to Help the Hood: False Perceptions of National Identity and the Symbolic Re-creation of Distinction in Political Discourse”

Burgos, F. “Reporting Facts, Legitimizing Dominant Ideology: A Pragmatic Analysis on Language and Ideology in Lou Dobb’s Tonight”

Appadoo, Y. “Foreign Accent Discrimination in the United States: A Study of Stereotypes and Attitudes on a University Campus”

Fisher, M. “Alain Resnais the Influence of The Period of Silence and Censure on the Development of his Cinematographic Technique”

Goldenman, H. “South Korean Women’s Employment: Reflecting Their Role in Society”

Jean-Louis, E. “Discourse Markers in Haitian Immigrant Spoken Discourse”

Massey, M. “Development of Underdevelopment: ICS”

Kourouma, M. “At the Center: Children within the Guinean Context, an Ecogenerist Approach to Street Children in Guinea”

Warshaw, G. “The Use of Social Stories with Children on the Autism Spectrum: A Pragmatic Approach”


Choi, S. "Churched Korean-American Women: Gender, Patriarchy and Sexism"

Quiroga, M. "Developing Intercultural Competence through an Intercultural Exchange Project using Blogs"

Sefelnikova, K. “A Post-Modern Critique of the Lewis Model: Representing Russia’s Subcultural Diversity”

Murakami, Y. “Is Japanese Cultural Residue Necessary? Authenticity if Japaneseness and Reality of Japanese Manga Coming to the U.S”

King, R. “The Cooperative Solution? Community Strategies for Adaptation and Resistance to Globalization in Mexico”

Wong, M. “The Rising Wave of Immigration in the United States: An Analysis of Heritage Language and Culture Acquisition”

Curto, N. “Introducing Intercultural Competence for Students of Spanish as a Heritage Language: Goals and Frameworks”

Digeon, L. “Escaping the Ghetto”

Erdemir, A. “A New Synthesis of Camouflage of Islamism” (Thesis)

Joardar, S. “Through the (Cultural) Looking Glass: Articulation of Issues of Race and Stereotypes among Indian Graduate Students at an American University”

Honigmann, A. “Les Attitudes Linguistiques Manifestées dans la Chanson Populaire Québécoise au XXe Siècle”


Strickling, L. “The Pragmatics of Prayer: The Mediating Influence of Social Position on Perceptions of Power Distance as Latter-day Saint Women of a Baltimore Congregation Approach God”

Dudley, M. “Cave Ceremonies, The New Testament and New Televisions: Tradition and Modernity Co-existing in a Q’eqchi’ Maya Community”

Reed, A. “Pakistani Family in the U.S.: Hierarchy in Everyday Domestic Discourse”

Kithararak, B. “Academic Achievement of Chinese Students in the U.S.”

Casey, M. “Study Abroad Outside France: Student Attitudes Towards the Study of French in Various Francophone Countries”

Wecker, D. “Teaching Culture at an Independent Christian School: Theory and Practice”

Vargo, E. “Environmental Discourses: The Uncovering of Illusionary Tactics in the Mainstream Media”


Warner, E. “A Black Classroom Culture: Student Code-Switching in an Inner City Secondary School”(Thesis)

Granena, G. “Lectures by a Chinese/Korean Speaker at an American University: Communication Styles and Power Dynamics in Classroom Discourse”

Noqueira, B. “Assessing Intercultural Training for Business Expatriates: Paring the way for Consensus”

Simorangkir, M. “Help-Seeking Behaviors of Battered Latina Immigrants in the U.S.”

Ribeyro, C. “Immigration Laws and their Effects on Latina Battered Women”

Campbell, E. “Family Jewels: Negotiating Managerial Identity within a Retail Context”

Glynn, D. “US-based Conversations on Latin American Identities: Terminologies and Linguistic Identity in Social Groups”

Morenilla, L. “Motivation and Orientations of U.S. College Students toward Second Language Study: The Spanish L2 Context”

Maysuradze, T. “American versus Russian Democracy: The Role of Habitus, Culture and Language Use in Political Identity Construction”

Machado, I. “Portuguese-Azoreans in the United States and Canada: The Survival of an Ethnic Group”

Chin, I. “English Loanwords and Globalization in Contemporary Japanese Society”

Guo, X. “Intercultural Training Models for U.S. Businesses in China” (Thesis)

Councilman, A. “The Pragmatics of Gay and Lesbian Identity Formation: A Journey to Self Acceptance”

Kwiatkowski, S., “Native and Non-Native Teachers in the German Language Classroom: A Study About the Differences in Teaching Style”

Schell, A. “Transgendered Discourse: A Relationship Between Gender and Language”

De Angulo, S., “Intercultural Reception by Dominican and US-American Listeners”

Alexander, L. “ Professional Prerequisites for Entry-Level Technical Position” (Thesis)

Hall, D. “ Acculturation of the Peace Corps Volunteer”


Ianozi, R. “Acculturation and Integration in Germany: Linguistic, Cultural, Social and Economic Factors that Promote or Hinder Acculturation and Integration of Russian German Immigrants” (Thesis)

Rivas, S. “Community Interaction: The Problem of Turkish and German Youth Communities in the German Educational System” (Thesis)

Vinogradova, P. “Construction of Positive Social Identity Through Self-Positioning and Self-Categorization in Digital Stories” (Thesis)

Bond, M. “Culture and Service: Identifying Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Motivations to Live Service by Creating ‘Community’”

Cornell, J. “Defining Power and Identity in Heritage Language Speakers”

Gibson, D. “Modern Applications of Smiths’ Nation Formation Theory: Using the Western Model for a New” Mexico”

Henke, H. “Examining the Rhetoric and Action of Various Groups Involved in the Current Debate on Immigration through Chomsky and Wallenstein”