Program Director


Denis M. Provencher

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University; contemporary French civilization and cultural studies, discourse and conversation analysis, gender and sexuality studies, Islam and Maghrebi cultures in France (provench@umbc.edu)

Department Chair


Omar Ka

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Phonology, sociolinguistics, African linguistics, Wolof language, French language (ka@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.



Nicoleta Bazgan

Ph.D., Ohio State University; French cinema studies, gender and cultural studies, political economy of culture (nbazgan@umbc.edu)

Zakaria Fatih

Ph.D., University of Buffalo; Francophone studies, the Enlightenment, critical theory, Arabic language (mogador@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


Thomas T. Field

Ph.D., Cornell University; Sociolinguistics, literacy, textual analysis, French studies (tfield@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.

Erin Hogan-Edit

Erin K. Hogan

Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles; Peninsular literature, Cinemas of Spain and Latin America, Cultural studies of contemporary Spain (ekhogan@umbc.edu).


Edward Larkey

Ph.D., Humboldt-Universität; German popular culture, German media studies, global television studies, intercultural communication theories, political economy of culture (larkey@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


Adriana Medina-López-Portillo

Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Intercultural communication, intercultural training, Mexican cultural studies (medina@umbc.edu)


Ana Oskoz

Ph.D., University of Iowa; Technology in the foreign language classroom, second Language acquisition, language teaching and curriculum development (aoskoz@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


Sara Z. Poggio

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park; Sociology, Latin- American societies, Hispanics in the United States (poggio@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


Elaine Rusinko

Ph.D., Brown University; Russian and Soviet languages, literature, culture and society, Carpatho-Rusyn studies (rusinko@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


Anna M. Shields

Ph.D., Indiana University; medieval Chinese poetry and prose, literature and social contexts (ashields@umbc.edu)


Judith M. Schneider

Ph.D., Duke University; Modern French studies, Latin- American and U.S. Latino literature, Jewish writing of the diaspora (schneide@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


Ana María Schwartz Caballero

Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park; Language teaching and curriculum development, learning strategies, media, heritage Spanish speakers (aschwart@umbc.edu)


John H. Sinnigen

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University; Modern Spanish and Latin-American narrative, ideologies and literature, political economy of culture (sinnigen@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.


John Stolle-McAllister

Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Cultural studies, social movements, Latin-American popular culture (stollem@umbc.edu)


Steven Young

Ph.D., University of Chicago; Historical phonology, Slavic and Baltic linguistics (young@umbc.edu). Visit my homepage.