Internships are a first step towards networking in the workplace, and a preparation for employment. We encourage all undergraduate and graduate students to include an internship in their course of study. Internships are part-time, credit-worthy experiences with flexible hours. They may be paid or unpaid, although most internships available to students are unpaid. Undergraduate and graduate students may earn 3 upper-level credits by registering for MLL 430 or MLL 790 for Winter, Spring, or Summer 1998 and completing 120 hours of approved internship work. Through The Shriver Center at UMBC, students may alternatively arrange for non-credit internships to appear on their transcript. The Shriver Center can provide students with further information on local and international internships related to modern languages and linguistics and intercultural communication. Remember to consult the MLL/INCC Jobs/Internships Information Bulletin Board, located opposite Room 129 (ACIV-B) in the MLL corridor, for latest opportunities and news on internships and positions. Also consult the MLL/INCC Jobs/Internships folder available at the reserve desk in the Multimedia Center (ACIV-219). The Resource Center for Language and Culture, Room 103, AC IV-A, has extensive listings of international internships and jobs. (Ask the librarian to show you the publications listing these opportunities.) To earn MLL credit for an internship, see Professor Sara Poggio (AC IV-B, 135, x2133) for approval and the permission required for enrollment in MLL 430 or MLL 790. (N.B. MLL 430 may not be applied towards the requirements of the major). If you wish to be on the Internship News email list , send your address to Prof. Sara Poggio


Department of Defense: National Security Agency
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
Social Security Administration: Central Translation Service
Maryland International Division (Contact Linda Sturgill 333-8180)
Maryland State Department of Human Resources: Governor's Commission on Hispanic Affairs
Mayor's Commission on Hispanic Affairs (Baltimore): Contact Haydee Rodriguez 396-4847
Maryland State Department of Human Resources:
-- Office of Volunteer Services, Constituent Services Unit: Contact: Carol Lee: 333-0629 or Patricia Rojas, Hispanic Community Liaison (Emergency Hotline in Spanish): 333-0999
U.S. Department of State: (paid and unpaid) Student Intern Program. Write for brochure:
Student Programs
U.S. Dept. of State
P.O. Box 9317
Arlington, VA 22219
or call 703-875-7490
U.S. Department of Education: Unpaid Internship Program. CONTACT:
U.S. Dept. of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-3500
(202) 401-2367 or 260-4509
The Embassy of Israel: 3514 International Drive, NW, Washington DC
Tel. (202) 364-5551 or (202)364-5546

Maryland State Department of Human Resources (INCC only)
-- Maryland Office for New Americans
-- Governor's Commission on Migratory and Seasonal Farm Labor Director
-- Women's Services Program (especially for INCC students in Spanish track)

Non-Governmental Organizations:
People Aiding Travelers and the Homeless
World Trade Center, Baltimore: Contact Kathy Spanogle, 576-0022 (business)
White House Intern Office, Contact: White House Intern Office at 202-456-2742
Maryland Sister States Program: Contact Molly Hughes at (410) 576-0022
International Youth Foundation, Contact: 410-347-1500
The Holocaust Museum


Smithsonian/Air & Space Museum
Translingua (translation work in German, Spanish, French, advanced level)

Language Teaching/Intercultural Communication:
East Baltimore Latino Organization
Academy of Languages
Diplomatic Language Services: Professional Language Services for Government and Business, Arlington
Mt. Washington E.S. Hilcrest E.S. Thunder Hill E.S. Robert Coleman E.S., teaching French or Spanish
Inlingua: Language Training Services
International Services, Johns Hopkins Health System: Contact Prof. Schneider
Headstart, Contact Jamie Jenkins or Nora Moynihan: 410-644-3982 (work with Haitian family)

Social Service:
Montgomery County Pre-release Services (Spanish-speaking)
FIRN: Foreign-Born Information Referral Network
Hispanic Apostolate: Contact Sister Mary Neil Corcoran (522-2668)

Human Rights/Labor Organizing:
Washington Office on Haiti
Washington Office on Latin America
AFL-CIO Organizing Institute: Contact Carlos Cordon: (202) 639.6200 or 800-848-3021

Noise Cancellation Technologies (internship for students in German)
Visa International (paid): Contact Laayba Hernandez 581-6000
ISOA International, LLC (paid) (fluency in written and spoken Spanish): Contact Stephanie Mendoza, International Sales Manager: (410) 771-1445

Montgomery County Public Schools Cable Television, Department of Educational Media and Technology


Moscow Internship Program, Boston University, Contact: Professor Elaine Rusinko (MLL, ACIV-B, Rm. 128, 455-2153)
Teaching English in Saltillo or Monterrey, Mexico: Contact Professor Ron Schwartz (ACIV-A, Rm. 415, 455-2379). Living expenses, room and board paid.