—While we do not have a Major, Minor, or Certificate program in Arabic,
we do offer Arabic through the 202 level.—

Course Listings

ARBC 101
Elementary Arabic I [4]
This course is an introduction to Arabic through a communicative approach. The language is learned in a thematic context, based on real-life situations. Listening comprehension and basic speaking skills are emphasized, but reading and writing the Arabic alphabet are also taught, as well as important elements of Arab culture and civilization.

ARBC 102
Elementary Arabic II [4]
A continuation of ARBC 101. Emphasis is on extending skills in spoken Arabic within the context of real-life situations. A greater amount of reading and writing is included, based on authentic material from Arab culture and civilization.

ARBC 201
Intermediate Arabic I [4]
A continuation of ARBC 102. The course will include a survey of more advanced grammar; emphasis will be on developing listening comprehension and on increasing conversational fluency in the language. There will be more reading of prose texts reflecting aspects of Arab culture and civilization.

ARBC 202
Intermediate Arabic II [4]
This course develops a more precise and coherent use of the Modern Standard Arabic language. It develops the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, with more focus on syntax, morphology and grammar. Students will be involved in meaningful, functional communication through interactive activities that might be encountered in real life complex situations. The course will include a variety of reading and writing activities taken from materials representative of cultural topics. Prerequisite: ARBC 201.