—While we do not have a Major program in Chinese, we do offer a Minor (see below).—

Course Listings

CHIN 101
Elementary Chinese I (L) [4]
An Introduction to Chinese language and culture. Emphasis is on listening comprehension and basic speaking skills. The Pinyin phonetic system of Mandarin Chinese is studied. Chinese characters are also introduced.

CHIN 102
Elementary Chinese II (L) [4]
Continuation of CHIN 101. Prerequisite: CHIN 101.

CHIN 201
Intermediate Chinese I (L) [4]

Further development of listening comprehension and speaking skills, with an increased emphasis on reading ability and cultural knowledge. Prerequisite: CHIN 102.

CHIN 202
Intermediate Chinese II (L) [4]

Continuation of CHIN 201. Prerequisite: CHIN 201.

CHIN 301
Advanced Chinese I (L) [3]

Readings in Chinese television and radio plays, newspapers, business and fiction, with conversation and composition. Prerequisite: CHIN 202.

CHIN 302
Advanced Chinese II (L) [3]

A continuation of CHIN 301, with focus on listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Readings in literature, science, and business. Prerequisite: CHIN 301.

CHIN 309
Business Chinese [3]

A course designed for students who wish to study business or who wish to become acquainted with the language of business in China. This course introduces business terminology and concepts particular to China as well as essential tools for researching company stocks and the import and export trade. Prerequisite: CHIN 301.

CHIN 319
Chinese Translation [3]
Instruction and practice in translating from Chinese into English. Students work with various written material covering many fields. Prerequisite: CHIN 301.

MLL 220
Film and Society in China [3]
This course introduces students to Chinese society during the last 100 hundred years through the viewing and analysis of major films from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Taught in English; no knowledge of Chinese required.

MLL 328
Traditional Chinese Fiction and Drama [3]
A survey of representative Chinese short stories, novels and plays from the third to the 19th centuries. Focus is placed on the study of T'ang, Sung, Ming dynasty novels and Yuan dynasty drama. Taught in English; no knowledge of Chinese required.

Minor in Chinese Language and Culture [18 credits]:

  • 3 credits: one MLL core course (MLL 190, 191, 230, 301)
  • 6 credits: CHIN 301, CHIN 302
  • 9 credits in CHIN or MLL (CHIN) electives:
    • CHIN 309 (Business Chinese)
    • CHIN 319 (Chinese Translation)
    • CHIN 300 (Independent Study)
    • MLL 328 (Traditional Chinese Fiction and Drama)

Students may petition the MLLI department to have relevant courses from other disciplines be counted for the minor in Chinese Language and Culture.