—While we do not have a Major, Minor, or Certificate program in Japanese,
we do offer Japanese through the 202 level.—

Course Listings

JPNS 101
Elementary Japanese I (L) [4]
An Introduction to Japanese language and culture. Comprehension and basic speaking skills are emphasized. Hiragana writing and reading introduced and used extensively throughout the course.

JPNS 102
Elementary Japanese II (L) [4]
Emphasis on extending skills in Japanese within the context of real-life situations. Reading and writing skills also addressed along with the introduction of Katakana. Prerequisite: JPNS 101.

JPNS 201
Elementary Japanese III (L) [4]
The concluding semester of the elementary language sequence. Emphasis on developing communicative language skills and formal knowledge of grammar in listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing. Kanji characters incorporated in addition to Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries. Prerequisite: JPNS 102.

JPNS 202
Intermediate Japanese I (L) [4]
The introductory semester of the intermediate Japanese language sequence. Greater emphasis on formal knowledge of grammar, reading, and writing skills. Extension of the communicative language skills in social situations. Further development of knowledge of Japanese culture and society. Prerequisite: JPNS 201.

MLL 222
Classics of Japanese Cinema (C) [3]

An introduction to the classic films of the Japanese cinema, presented in the context of Japanese culture and society. Representative directors include Mizoguchi, Kurosawa, Ozu, Morita, Ichikawa, and Itami. Taught in English. No knowledge of Japanese required.

MLL 327
Modern Japanese Culture (C) [3]

Examines modern Japanese culture, including family structure, daily life, regional variations, interpersonal and inter-cultural communication, education from nursery school to college, the traditional arts still practiced in modern Japan and the development of popular youth culture. Students will deepen their understanding through cross-cultural role-playing, hands-on experience with the arts and field trips. The course is taught in English. Prerequisite: Junior standing.


Japanese: The Spoken Language, Part 1
Eleanor Harz with Mari Noda.

Japanese: The Spoken Language, Part 2
Eleanor Harz with Mari Noda

Japanese: The Written Language, Field Test Edition Part 1
Eleanor Harz and Mari Noda

Japanese: The Written Language, Field Test Edition Part 2
Eleanor Harz and Mari Noda

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Writing Paper

Save the pictures to your computer and print them for Japanese writing paper.

Beginner Writing Paper - large box design to help you carefully write down homework.

Intermediate Writing Paper - smaller box design, designed for students with some writing experience.

Advanced Writing Paper - even smaller box design to allow for longer writing assignments

Furigana Paper - Paper designed for Kanji Practice (for JPNS2XX and above only)

Printing suggestions- to get the most out of this paper please follow these simple guide lines:

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