Poster Description

Mosaic refers to a pattern -- many individual pieces combining to form a whole. If each piece is examined individually, the meaning is different than when viewing the mosaic as an integrated whole.

Therefore, 7 years ago, when Interdisciplinary Studies decided to sponsor a forum on complex and important issues from different disciplinary perspectives, we chose Mosaic Roundtable for the title of the series.

The Mental Illness and the Campus Community poster contains reflections and mirror images of the natural and built UMBC campus environments, art of reflecting the topic, and Rorschach depictions. The mosaic pattern invites one to examine mood, mystery, light and pathways from both micro and macro perspectives.

This year's Roundtable will shed light through the lenses of law, pscyhology, film and social work as well as share valuable information on campus resources for those who wish to be informed both for themselves and for their loved ones.