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Consortium of Oral History Educators


While each region supports the general goals of COHE, the Centers are encouraged to accomplish COHE's goals in a manner that best suits the talents of the Regional Director and the region's constituents. Thus, flexibility and creativity are promoted.

  • Regional Directors will provide leadership within their region and will be affiliated with a sponsoring educational institution or professional organization. In keeping with the "no dues" policy, most communications will be accomplished on-line.
  • The sponsoring institution will not be required to make a financial commitment to COHE or to the region. Most activities will take place under the professional endeavors already established by the regional director.
  • A memorandum of understanding, from the sponsoring institution and the Regional Director will be requested.
  • In additional to regional leadership, the Regional Directors will also serve on the Board of Directors for COHE.
  • The position of Regional Director will promote professional development and leadership within the field of oral history. Publication opportunities will be available.
  • The Regional Center will promote organization visibility on a regional and a national level. Most endeavors will support university mission statements relating to community involvement, interactive student learning experiences and academic partnerships.

Regional Centers

The strength of any consortium lies in the close professional working relationship of its members. To that end, COHE has established Regional Centers throughout the United States.

To help support the overall mission and goals of COHE, the Regional Centers are designed to engage the following suggested professional endeavors:

  • Expand the effective use of oral history in regional classrooms
  • Promote K-12 and college/university oral history
  • Promote COHE membership
  • Provide mentorship for novice oral history educators
  • Provide consulting on issues such as curricula, technology, etc.
  • Establish a regional network
  • Conduct regional seminars and programs (when and where appropriate)
  • Develop partnerships between schools, universities and community organizations
  • Nominate candidates for the Betty Key Oral History Educator Award
  • Provide news for the COHE on-line journals.

Current and Proposed Regional Centers:

Region / State: Regional Director / Organization: Status:
Mid-Atlantic Barry A. Lanman
The Martha Ross Center for Oral History
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Area of expertise: History / Education
California Laura M. Wendling
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, California
Area of expertise: Elementary Education / Social studies
New England Lisa Krissoff Boehm
Worcester State College
Worcester, Massachusetts
Area of expertise: Urban Studies
South Alan Stein
New Orleans Public Library
Louisiana Division and City Archives Collection
New Orleans, Louisiana
Area of expertise: Research / Museums
Texas Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
University of Texas, Austin
Austin, Texas
Area of expertise: Journalism / History
North Dakota Kim Porter
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Area of expertise: History
Michigan Toby Daspit
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Area of expertise: History / Education
Utah David Sidwell
Utah State University
Area of expertise: Language Arts / History
Pacific Northwest Vacant