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Music Education - instrumental
Students in the Instrumental Music Education emphasis receive a solid grounding in educational and pedagogical skills, primary and secondary instruments, and music theory and history, preparing them for vocation in teaching and/or further graduate studies in the area of music education.

Through field observations and hands-on teaching experiences, the students will receive clear guidance to develop their own teaching skills and philosophies.  Students are encouraged to take the teacher certification exam during their course of studies at UMBC, though are not required to do so. The degree uniquely combines courses from both the music and the education departments to provide a comprehensive overview of theories and practices in both fields.  Faculty specializations include studio teaching, aesthetic education and extensive outreach activities. Special opportunities exist in the form of internships and fellowships.


Core Requirements (for Education Emphasis)

All music majors, regardless of emphasis, take a series of core courses.

MUSC 125 Theory I: Basics of Music [3]
MUSC 126 Theory II: Harmony & Voice Leading [3]
MUSC 225 Theory III: Counterpoint [3]
MUSC 226

Theory IV: Expanded Harmony [3]

MUSC 110 Musicianship Lab [1]
MUSC 111

Musicianship Lab II [1]

MUSC 210 Musicianship Lab III [1]
MUSC 211

Musicianship Lab IV [1]

A grade of "B" or better is required for MUSC 211

MUSC 178-A

Beginning Keyboard Skills Class [1]

MUSC 178-B Beginning Keyboard Skills Class [1]
MUSC 179-A Intermediate Keyboard Skills Class [1]
MUSC 179-B Intermediate Keyboard Skills Class [1] -

Or demonstrated piano proficiency

A grade of "B" or better is required for MUSC 179-B

MUSC 191 Recital Preparation -three semesters [3]
MUSC 193

Performance Studies for Music Majors -
Six semesters of individual performance studies at 3 credits each [18]

MUSC 230 Musics of the World [3]
MUSC 321 Music History I [3]
MUSC 322 Music History II [3]
MUSC 362 Arts in Education [3]
MUSC 380 Introduction to Conducting [3]
MUSC 300-
MUSC 310

Ensembles - Six semesters of instrumental ensemble participation. Participation in a large ensemble for at least three semesters is required (MUSC308:Wind Ensemble or MUSC305:Symphony Orchestra) [12]

Emphasis Requirements

In addition to the core courses listed above, students must complete the following emphasis requirements.

MUSC 182 Beginning Strings [1]
MUSC 184

Beginning Woodwinds [1]

MUSC 186 Beginning Brass [1]
MUSC 183

Intermediate Strings [1]

MUSC 185

Intermediate Woodwinds [1]

MUSC 187 Intermediate Brass [1]
MUSC 188

Percussion Class [1]

MUSC 189 Guitar Class [1]
MUSC 224 Instrumentation [3]
MUSC 361 Seminar in K-12 Instrumental Methods[3]
MUSC 385

Intermediate Conducting [3]

Note: Students interested in completing certification requirements for music education also must apply for acceptance into the education department and complete coursework in education as required by the State of Maryland. Please see the UMBC Department of Education for details and requirements.

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