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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
in American Contemporary Music
(for International Students)
Below is tuition and application information for international students only.

Program Overview

> Overview of Post Baccalaureate Certificate in American Contemporary Music

Program Information in Chinese / Korean

> Chinese - Certificate Program in American Contemporary Music (PDF)
> Korean - Certificate Program in American Contemporary Music (PDF)

Benefits for International Students

  • TOEFL scores under 500 accepted
  • English language instruction           
  • Graduate level music study
  • Credits transferrable to Towson, Peabody and other institutions

Tuition & Fees

For Fall 2015, the following tuition and fees are charged to participants.

Certificate students enroll in 6 credits per semester. In-state tuition per graduate credit for Maryland Residents is $585 ($3510/semester) plus additional graduate school fees of $738/semester.

Out-of-state (non-resident) tuition per graduate credit is $968 ($5808/semester) plus additional graduate school school fees of $738/semester. This fee includes the use of pianos, practice rooms, health insurance, and all campus facilities (athletic facilities, etc.). These fees do not include piano accompanists, recordings of performances, and room and board. Tuition is determined by the university and subject to change.

Students also pay $750/semester for private instrumental, composition or music technology lessons and $50/semester for recording of recitals.

Students pay a one-time matriculation fee of $200

In-state fees for resident foreign students are less. Please see UMBC's Graduate School's website for more details. .

Students must also submit an original official bank statement or verification letter on bank letterhead. The bank statement must be in English stating that sufficient funds in U.S. dollars are available to support your stay in the U.S. The bank statement or verification letter must show a total of $20,000 (USD) or more in available funds and be no more than three (3) months old. If applying with dependents (husband, wife, children), the bank statement must include an additional $5,000 (USD) for each dependent.

Additional fees include $750 per semester for private lessons and $100 per year for recital recording.

Room and Board

Students pay approximately $700/month to reside at the recommended Walker Apartments. Several meal plans are available that range in cost from $750 to $1675 per semester, depending on the number of meals.

Walker Avenue Apartments

Application Process

International students with TOEFL scores under 500 may study at the UMBC English Language Center (ELC). They offer a variety of courses in English language skills and the TOEFL test.

In order to apply to the Certificate Program and study at the ELC, students must:

  1. Apply to the Certificate Program in Contemporary American Music
    Visit the Graduate School website for instructions on submitting either an online application or a paper application.
    As part of this application you will;
    1. Submit payment of either $50 for online application or $70 for paper application.
    2. Send sealed official transcript certifying completion of bachelor's degree and minimum 3.00 GPA to UMBC
    Note: The requirement for a  TOEFL score of 550 is waived for Certificate Program applicants if you apply to the English Language Center.

  2. Apply to the English Language Center if needed

    Download the paper application form. Deadline listed is July 15. However, we encourage students to apply by May 16 in order to successfully receive the I-20 visa.

  3. Send supporting materials listed below to:
    Dr. Lisa Cella
    Certificate Program Director
    Dept. of Music PAHB 238
    1000 Hilltop Circle,
    Baltimore, MD 21250, U.S.A.
    1. Resume including education, jobs, recent performances/projects, awards and honors. Kindly include your permanent family address, your current address, email and cell phone.
    2. Two reference letters: One from your instrumental, composition or technology instructor and a second one from an instructor at your most recently attended college/university. Letters must be in a sealed envelope with the instructor’s signature on the seal.
    3. 250-word essay stating your goals and reasons for participation in this program. Include the university or college graduate programs you desire to apply to.
    4. Performance/Composition/Technology Portfolios (see below for your particular area of concentration). Enclose a 1-2 page description of the recorded material with your name and email, titles of pieces recorded. Label CDs or DVDs with your name and email, titles of pieces recorded, composers and/or other performers.

      Performance Portfolio
      - VHS or DVD video of 3 pieces from 3 contrasting eras. If a video camera is not available, then an audio performance may be sent on CD.

      Composition Portfolio
      - Scores and CD or DVD of 3 works

      Music Technology Portfolio
      - CD or DVD of at least 6 tracks demonstrating your proficiency with various musical styles. If available, you may also submit other examples of your work produced with software such as Max/MSP, Live or Final Cut Pro. Any other pertinent music technology experiences (DVD authoring, sound for video, programming etc.) should be clearly described and included with the portfolio.
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