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Italy Exchange Program
UMBC faculty and students now have the opportunity to participate in the music department's exchange program in Italy.

The program is the result of collaborative work between faculty in the department, particularly Linda Dusman and E. Michael Richards, and faculty at the Conservatorio "G. Nicolini" di Piacenza in Italy.

November 2006 marked the program's beginning with the exchange of two faculty members – Dr. Dusman and Carlo Alessandro Landini, chair of composition at the Conservatorio. Due to differences in the Conservatorio's academic semester and UMBC's, when Landini came to campus in November, he finished Dusman's course in instrumentation, while Dusman began Landini's composition course in Italy. While there, Dusman worked one-on-one with Landini's students, whose ages ranged from 16 to 40. Graduate students at the Conservatorio also had the opportunity to coach with Dusman in "Incontro con Linda Dusman" ("Encounter with Linda Dusman"), a concert of music written by Dusman. At UMBC, Ruckus, the professional contemporary music ensemble, premiered Landini's new work, "Coming to Life. Generation, Transition, Interlocking of Phases." Landini's work was commissioned by Ruckus to commemorate UMBC's 40th Anniversary.

Since 2007, a number of UMBC and Conservatorio faculty and students have exchanged.  UMBC music students studying in Italy during Spring semester (January-June) can receive transfer credit for courses taken.

Contact Dr. Dusman (Professor of Music) and the Study Abroad Office for further information.

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