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UMBC Department of Music
B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts
- Concentration in Music

Students pursuing a B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts with a concentration in music take core courses in music and the visual and performing arts. The program is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the student’s needs and interests by including 18 credits of electives in other arts disciplines. Students gain a strong foundation in music by taking core music courses in performance, musicianship, theory, history, and composition.

Core Requirements

MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music Theory [3]
MUSC 110 Musicianship Lab [1]
MUSC 111

Musicianship Lab II [1]

MUSC 125 Theory I: Basics of Music [3]
MUSC 126 Theory II: Form and Analysis [3]
MUSC 178-A

Beginning Keyboard Skills Class [1]

MUSC 178-B Beginning Keyboard Skills Class [1]
MUSC 179-A Intermediate Keyboard Skills Class [1]
MUSC 179-B Intermediate Keyboard Skills Class [1]
MUSC 312 Composition [3]
MUSC 321 Music History I [3]
MUSC 322 Music History II [3]
MUSC 193

Performance Studies for Music Majors [12]
Four semesters of 1-hour lessons

MUSC 300-
MUSC 310
Ensembles [8]
Four semesters of ensemble participation
VPA 225 Ideas in the Arts [3]
VPA 325 Contemporary Art in Process [3]
VPA 492 Senior Project [2]
Electives 18 credits from other arts disciplines, to be designed with the advisor for the major
Departmental Honors Requirements
  • GPA of 3.5 or better in Music courses
  • Exemplary Senior Recital or Senior Project

Upon recommendation of hte faculty committee for the recital or project, the student should submit documentation (recording, written materials, etc.) to the department chair. The faculty honors committee will review these materials and determine whether or not the student will receive department honors.

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