Myrle H. Combs
Business Services Specialist, Student Affairs Business Services Center
2010-2011 University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Award (for Exceptional Contributions to the Mission of UMBC and the Division of Student Affairs)

In her 36 years at UMBC, Myrle Combs has worked tirelessly to advance departmental missions, enrich student life and share her advice and insight. She has dedicated her career in service to the missions of the Student Affairs Division and to UMBC.

Combs worked as office supervisor for the Department of Biological Sciences, then moved to the Career Services Center as job referral coordinator and program management specialist. In 1999, she joined the staff of the University Center/The Commons. In 2002, she received the UMBC Student Affairs Outstanding Staff Award.

When The Commons opened in 2004, she moved into the new building where her skills in financial management were needed most and took on the role of business services specialist. Combs handles daily payroll and supports the financial management of several university offices, including the Office of Student Life, the Student Events Board (SEB) and more than 200 student organizations.

Combs is committed to the success and effective financial management of the many programs and activities she supports. She single-handedly automated the accounting systems for the University Center and the Student Government Association.

Her expertise and resourcefulness is a priceless resource to colleagues. She teaches staff and administrators how to manage their accounts and instructs student leaders of campus organizations how to handle their funds effectively. When UMBC switched to new financial management software, Combs mastered it quickly and volunteered to assist fellow staff members.

Combs has studied financial economics and accounting at UMBC and business accounting at the Community College of Baltimore County.


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