Joyce Riley
Associate Director, Health Administration and Policy Program
2011-2012 Jakubik Family Endowment Staff Award

In her 32 years at UMBC, Joyce Riley has made exceptional contributions to the campus community and the Health Administration and Policy Program (HAPP). She demonstrates excellence in teaching, innovative advisement and mentoring of undergraduates and is instrumental in the development of new programs.

Riley has directed the HAPP internship program, widely regarded as the heart of HAPP, since 1980. She ensures that students receive rich, experiential learning opportunities from internships that would be impossible to duplicate in a classroom. Through her deep understanding and knowledge of their interests and abilities, Riley is able to help students obtain educationally rewarding placement. Over 1,100 students have completed internships under her guidance.

Riley teaches the gateway class for HAPP, a course known for being rigorous, and she has earned a reputation for being well-organized and fair. She updates her curriculum regularly, which is no small feat in the rapidly changing field of health.

Riley also advises, or supervises the advising, of all HAPP majors. She makes herself available to students who aspire to careers in health for both formal and informal mentoring. Her advising frequently extends beyond academics for students who seek out her compassion, wisdom and advice on personal issues.

Instrumental in the creation of the campus-wide UMBC International Field Research Program, Riley’s enduring dedication has allowed over 100 students to travel to Switzerland, England, Scotland, Portugal, Denmark and Italy, creating opportunities and experiences that routinely change the lives of students and often encourage them to seek graduate education and careers in research.

Colleagues admire her inspiring dedication to students, and she is considered the heart, head, backbone, hands and feet of HAPP since its early days.

Riley earned her B.S. in Nursing from the University of Maryland Baltimore, and she earned her M.A. in Applied Sociology, with a focus on health and aging, from UMBC.


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