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UMBC Presidential Faculty & Staff Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
University Center Ballroom, 12-1 p.m.
(A light lunch served at 11:30 a.m.)

Each year, the UMBC community comes together to celebrate the accomplishments of our outstanding faculty and staff.
This year we honor:

Presidential Faculty and Staff Awards

Tim Finin
Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
2012-2015 Presidential Research Award

Tim Finin, an internationally recognized authority on artificial intelligence, joined UMBC in 1991. He has been a leader in artificial intelligence and intelligent agent research since the 1970s, and he was a pioneer of the subject in the computer science and electrical engineering program at UMBC.


Terry Bouton
Associate Professor, History
2012-2015 Presidential Teaching Award

Terry Bouton joined the UMBC faculty in 2001. Today, as associate professor of history, he is a nationally recognized scholar in American revolutionary and early republic history, and teaches a number of different courses.


Paul S. Ciotta
Technical Coordinator and Facilities Manager, Physics
2012-2013 Presidential Distinguished Award, Professional Staff

For the past 38 years, Paul S. Ciotta has served the UMBC community and is currently the technical coordinator and facilities manager for the Department of Physics.


Cheryl P. Johnson
Grants Specialist, Office of Contract and Grant Accounting
2012-2013 Presidential Distinguished Staff Award, Non-Exempt Staff

While serving the UMBC community for 11 years. Cheryl Johnson has demonstrated outstanding operational and technical expertise, excellent customer service qualities and dedication.


University System of Maryland Board of Regents’ Faculty and Staff Awards

Bimal Sinha
Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
2012-2013 University System of Maryland Board of Regentsí Award for Excellence in Research

Since joining UMBC as a full professor in 1985, Bimal Sinha has served the Department of Mathematics and Statistics with world-class scholarship, outstanding teaching and mentoring.


Penny Rheingans
Professor, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
2012-2013 University System of Maryland Board of Regentsí Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Dr. Penny Rheingans joined UMBC in 1998 and is renown for the leadership she provides to students and the campus community.


James Lord
Design Director, Creative Services, Office of Institutional Advancement
2011-2012 University System of Maryland Board of Regentsí Award for Exceptional Contributions to the Mission of UMBC

From earning his B.A. in graphic design from UMBC in 1999 to his current position as head of Creative Services, Jim Lord has a unique understanding of the university, and it is reflected in his work, which is used to shape how others see the university.


UMBC President's Commission for Woman Achievement Award 2012-2013

Phyllis Robinson
Professor, Biological Sciences

Phyllis Robinson has been a campus advocate on behalf of women and devoted to gender equity issues since first joining UMBC in 1992.


Jakubik Family Endowment Staff Award 2012-2013

Michele Wolff
Director, Shriver Center

Michele Wolff joined UMBC in 1988 as a full-time sociology graduate student. Upon receiving her degree, she began her career as coordinator of internships and service-learning at what was then called the Office of Professional Practice, which was ultimately renamed The Shriver Center, where she now serves as director.


Release time for employees to take part in these events, and everyone is encouraged to attend. All campus offices will remain open and services should continue to be offered. Supervisors and staff are asked to work together to coordinate staffing.

Special thanks to photographer Tim Ford for capturing these headshots.