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"We are extremely proud of our chess team and excited to be known nationally as a school that celebrates brainpower!"

--President Freeman A. Hrabowski, III

UMBC Chess Is "Maryland's #1 Team"

January 18, 2002--After going head-to-head with some of the toughest teams in the country and winning its fifth championship title in six years, UMBC's chess team rules the world of college chess--and more. It also is "Maryland's No. 1 team," proclaimed The Baltimore Sun in an editorial following UMBC's most recent victory at the Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess Tournament.

"UMBC has dominated the competition over a six-year period as no other university team has--not Harvard, Yale, or Columbia," said the Sun. "In recent years, UMBC has pounded the Ivy Leaguers and other schools in this game of brains, not brawn. UMBC has assembled a team with discipline, mental and physical toughness and superior strategy. And, like an intimidating football team, it has swagger, with a top player nicknamed The Exterminator."

This year's team is one of the most impressive ever fielded by UMBC. Led by captain and International Master Eugene Perelshteyn, the reigning U.S. Junior Chess Champion, the team includes Grand Master Alex Wojtkiewicz, the eleventh-ranked chess player in the U.S., Senior Master William "The Exterminator" Morrison, and Senior Master Bryan Smith. The team is coached by Life Master Igor Epshteyn. The team's faculty advisor, Alan Sherman, is an associate professor of computer science.

As The Baltimore Sun noted, "It all adds up to amazing success on the chessboard, which solidifies UMBC's reputation as an honors university."

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