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"We are extremely proud of our recent Fulbright winners. Their research abroad will substantially enrich the academic experiences of their students here on campus.”

President Freeman A. Hrabowski, III


UMBC Faculty Honored With Fulbright Awards


December 13, 2006 - Two UMBC faculty members are among a select group of Americans honored with Fulbright Scholar grants to conduct research abroad. The Fulbright Scholars Program, America's flagship international exchange program, is known for its highly competitive selection criteria and prestige. Tim Nohe, associate professor of visual arts, and John Stolle-McAllister, associate professor of modern languages and linguistics, received the awards for their academic and professional achievement and extraordinary leadership potential in their fields.

Nohe's research project, "Sounding Botany Bay," explores the sonic environment of one of Australia's richest cultural and natural attractions. He will record sounds from three different locationsóthe city of Botany Bay, Sydney Airport and the Botany Bay National Parkóand compose the sounds to create an immersive, surround-sound audio experience.

Nohe is presenting his research and teaching two sound-art courses at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales. He also hopes to install a sound exhibition at various venues in the city of Botany Bay and create audio DVDs of the presentation.

Stolle-McAllister's research concentrates on several indigenous political movements in Latin America. He is using his Fulbright grant to study Ecuador's pluri-cultural group, which is comprised of several cultures and nationalities and represents 30 percent of the country's population. Stolle-McAllister will compare his findings with his previous studies of social and political movements in Mexico.

Stolle-McAllister, who equates Latin American indigenous movements with the U.S. civil rights movement, is also teaching intercultural communications courses at the Universidad Andina in Quito.

In the past five years, eight UMBC faculty members, including Nohe and Stolle-McAllister, have received Fulbright awards and have conducted research in countries including Senegal, Czech Republic, Germany and Israel.


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