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"Being ranked among the 100 most wired colleges in the U.S.
is another indication that UMBC is a national leader in the use
of information technology in higher education."

--President Freeman A. Hrabowski, III

UMBC Ranks as One of America's "Most Wired"

July 20, 1999- Yahoo! Internet Life magazine recently named UMBC one of "America's 100 Most Wired Colleges" in its annual survey and guide to Internet and Web use in higher education.

UMBC ranked 76th nationally, finishing ahead of such institutions as the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Cal Tech, Cornell, Brown, Georgetown, the University of California-San Diego, and Syracuse.

The magazine also noted that, according to National Science Foundation data from the U.S. Department of Education, UMBC produces more Information Technology bachelor's degree graduates than any other research university in the nation.

The rankings took into consideration such factors as online course scheduling and registration; distance learning opportunities; the number of computers per 100 students; the percentage of dorms wired for computer use; free capus technology support services; and online admissions applications.

The Yahoo! rankings are available online at

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