UMBC Summer Interns Find a World of Opportunity

July 25, 1997-From NASA Goddard to Harvard Medical School to the Institute Gustav Russy in France, UMBC students connect classroom knowledge with real-world challenges, gaining practical work and research experience and contributing to the economy of Maryland and beyond.

Throughout the Baltimore-Washington corridor, UMBC students intern with sponsors ranging from Allied Signal, NASA Goddard, and the National Aquarium to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, T. Rowe Price and Company, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Whiting-Turner Inc., and the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company.

Nationally, UMBC interns engage in challenging work directly related to their academic and professional goals at such companies and organizations as Eli Lilly and Company, the Institute for Defense Analysis, Georgetown University, Silicon Graphics, MIT, Lockheed Martin, Ford Motor Company, Brandeis University, Lucent Technologies, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland Schools of Medicine.

Students also broaden their education through international placements at such institutions as Lancaster University in England and the Institute Gustav Russy. Service-learning programs with organizations including Habitat for Humanity International, Earthwatch, and the Pacific Whale Foundation combine social commitment with intensive field research.

UMBC's Shriver Center coordinates many of these educational internships by matching students, sponsors, and academic departments. The Center helped arrange over 1,000 internship placements this year, drawing from a pool of over 500 employers and sponsoring organizations in the U.S. and 50 international settings. Cooperative education students and paid interns earned over $3.2 million during FY 97, while unpaid interns and community-service-and-learning students contributed nearly $2 million in non-compensated work.

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