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Vets 2 Vets

Welcome to the Vets 2 Vets program hosted by Off-Campus Student Services, in the Division of Student Affairs. Vets 2 Vets offers social networking opportunities, special events, and workshops to support students as they transition from “soldier to student.”

Contact Melvin Green at greenm1@umbc.edu for more information about Vets2Vets.

For information on upcoming Vets2Vets events click here.

Veteran Peer Mentors

The veteran peer mentor program is established to aid in the transition to life as a college student. By pairing experienced veteran students with incoming veterans, new students will have assistance from someone who understands their challenges as they enter life at UMBC.

Contact Danielle Allison at allis2@umbc.edu for more information about Veteran Peer Mentors.

Resources for Veterans

UMBC Veterans Services »

Apply for a Tillman Military Scholarship »
The Tillman Military Scholarships are intended to cover direct study-related expenses such as tuition, fees, and books, as well as other needs such as room and board and child care. For Application Deadline call (480) 621- 4074.

Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Website »

Veterans Affairs Forms from the UMBC Registrar »
Download the Semester Certification Request, Responsibility Checklist, Add/Drop Reporting Form

UMBC Army ROTC Program »

UMBC Veterans Facebook Page »