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Service Animal Etiquette

  • Service animals are employed based on medical necessity. Federal and Maryland law permits people with service animals to have access to public places. Service animals may accompany the person accompanied by a service animal (handler) at all times and in all campus locations (with the exception of areas where animals are strictly prohibited for health or safety restrictions). Service animals are not pets, therefore laws that restrict pets from public places (e.g. restaurants, housing, theaters) are not applicable to service animals.
  • Address the handler when approaching a service animal.
  • Remember that service animals are working and are not pets.
  • Do not touch the service animal, or the person it assists, without the handler's permission.
  • Do not make noises at, or deliberately startle the service animal; this action could distract the animal from performing its job.
  • Do not feed the service animal; this could disrupt his/her schedule.
  • Do not attempt to separate a service animal from its handler.
  • Do not feel offended if a handler does not wish to discuss his/her disability or the assistance their service animal provides.