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International Media Center

About the International Media Center


The IMC provides support for the study of language and culture as a teaching facility, resource center and media library. The processes of acquiring language and culture skills are enhanced through the use of newspapers, magazines, video, internationale television, CD-ROMs, computer programs and the internet.


The IMC is an in-house, multimedia facility located in Academic IV, B wing, rm 219 comprised of :

  • 26 PC station teaching computer lab (also available for self-study) with Windows XP Pro, Microsoft Office 2007 with multi-language support
  • self-study area of 10 additional PC stations (Windows 7) a scanner with one PC
  • 10 MACs (OSX - priority goes to digital media classes)
  • 11 VHS players, 2 multi-standard VHS players, 4 DVD players, campus cable on monitors by window
  • NexTV service for Arabic, German & Russian TV stations on corner monitor - see if interested in subscribing
  • classroom for 25 with a VHS, DVD, computer, dataprojector, overhead projector
  • computer printer, copier and transparency services for a fee
  • wireless access for laptops
  • library of language materials - catalog available at service desk



MONDAY through THURSDAY    9am - 9pm
FRIDAY     9am - 4pm


Hours will vary during January and summer (usually Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm)

Sunday hours discontinued due to low attendance.

Phone: 410-455-2464 or 3685 (Joan)


  • computer printer and copier available, transparency services
  • video duplication according to copyright law with a fee
  • reception for Spanish Univision (channel 108), VME
  • reception for Nex TV - various Arabic, German, Russian and other stations -
       see if interested in subscribing