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GENERAL RESOURCES: These are links to various universities, choose the language you are interested in and investigate their links.


Collaboration chat:

Wimba Voice Tools: 

Collaboration Chat for Students text  video

Voice Board student info   video (3:50)

Voice Board - general instructions faculty

Voice Direct student info video (3:20)

Voice Direct Instructor info  video (4:46)


Annenberg PBS Videos on Demand use IE

Beeline TV from around the world


Fomny  television

Hulu Plus International TV

TV Resources
Foreign Language News & Newspapers
TV guides for stations UMBC receives: French - TV5
Spanish - Univision

WWI TV entertainment tv from around the world

UN Radio
International newspapers

Lexilogos Dictionaries (written in French)
Travel Dictionaries


Your Dictionary

Multi-language Sites:

BBC Languages

E. L. Easton
Foreign Languages

Internet Public Library

Language Links
Merlot Online Teaching - Choose Humanities, then World Languages.
Multilingual Online Books

Quia Exercises - Student Zone, Category
Vocabulary Builder  check preferences

Instructor Resources:

CALL Research Center

Foreign Language Software & Web

Foreign Language Teaching Forum Central -reviews


CIA World Factbook

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection French Language

Pronounce it right in French

Teaching FR with the Internet

Tenn. Bob's links
Voila Search Engine
FRTV: TF1 ; TV 5 listings ; TV2 ; FR3
French Government sites:

The Ministry of Culture and Communication
Site of the Prime Minister
French Newspapers:
Les Echos - leading business journal

Le Figaro

La Libération

Literature Readings disable pop-ups

Le Monde
France-Related News (in English): English language site with info on tourism,culture,history,news etc
The Tocqueville Connection
Fun Stuff!: Agence de la Francophone- a haven for Francophiles

French Penpals

Impresiones Audio - text & student activities manual (Basic,jump to chpt)

Noticias (SP TV videos) - use

Audiria: Listening-based learning

Coffee Break Spanish


Dos mundos, 6 choose lesson left
Elenet Spanish Course

Instituto Cervantes

Learn Spanish

Pimsleur Approach good for self learning, often available public libraries

Spanish online resources
Radio: CNN en español

SP Grammar Lessons: Ejercicios de gram??tica ; Salem State
Spanish Language Newspapers:

Argentina: La Nación

Colombia: El Tiempo

Spain: El País / ABC / El Mundo

Kontakte, 5 online learning center

Kontakte, 6 online learning center

Col. Craig's GR Links

Deutsch Welle

Das Erste Online

German Club

German Consulate General of Toronto- recommend Culture  & Education->Kidspage

German for Beginners  free site - has advertising

German online resources

Goethe Institut

Internet for Germanists



Der Spiegel

Treffpunkt Deutsch, Third Edition

Vorleser - Literatur H?ren

ZDF programming

Nachalo audio on Bb site, video on iTunes

Troika Audio (Use ZIP Format)

Vputi audio

Cyrillic Alpha Sites


Dictionary Rambler

Interactive Online Reference Grammar

Intermediate Russian

Practice Russian

Russian Business Podcasts

Russian and East European Network & Information Center U. of Texas, Austin

Russian Embassy

Russian Federation Administrative Bodies

Russian movies free or cheap

Russian Phonetics (in Russian)

JPSL audio from Ohio State works well with IE in IMC

Genki Resource Page

Japan America Society

Japan Information and Culture Center

Japanese alphabets

Japanese Embassy
Japanese Internet Resources

Japanese lessons

Japanese Literature
JP-Net (language and culture)

Japan Times

Jim Breen's Japanese Page


Kanji practice - Japanese Written Language

Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks

Learn Japanese podcasts

NHK World 

Online Japanese Dictionary

Radio Nippon

Read the Kanji
UMBC Japanese Info

Visualizing Japanese Grammar

Yomiuri OnLine


Integrated Chinese audio on your Bb site

BBC Mandarin Online (Cantonese also)

China news sites

Chinese-English dictionary
Chinese Links
Chinese online resources

Language Resource Center Database (Dartmouth)
Online Learning Tools

People's Republic of China

Pinyin input method
Sinanet Search and News

HaReshima Hebrew & Israeli culture

Hebrew Resources on the Web- links,lang.

Jewish Culture Resource

My Hebrew Dictionary
Online Learning Links
University of Texas
Newspapers in Hebrew:
Globes (Business Newspaper from Israel)

Korean flag

Korean Embassy

Korean Language Program - choose useful websites
Korean Language Study on the interNET
Korean vocabulary

Keyboard, etc. lessons for multiple languages

Virtual keyboard

Language Links - links, language

Newspapers in Korean:
Chosun Ilbo
Donga Ilbo
Radio and Television:
Korean Broadcasting System
Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Seoul Broadcasting System


Arabic Resources


Arab American Institute

Arabic Language Newspapers

Arabic Online Journalism

Arabic resource Site
BBC Arabic
Middle East Language Resource Center

Online Arabic Course

TV & Radio


ESL Learning
Internet TESL Journal
Online Education _ESL Reference Materials

USA Learns
Study Abroad
National Registration Center for Study Abroad
UMBC Study Abroad Office
UMBC International / Intercultural Resources
UMBC International/Intercultural Resources

UMBC HELPDESK: various help pages - OIT Help Desk


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