ENGL/IS 387 “Web Content Development”

Online Participation Portfolio

(44 points for each portfolio; loss of 1 letter grade each day past due date)




Participate in weekly online discussion forums and activities, and submit a two-week cumulative portfolio with “participation examples” that justify a self-grade you feel you deserve.




Š       Examples must occur in separate weeks and illustrate different “interaction types” (see below);

Š       Each example must be copied and pasted into a “portfolio form” (including a date/time stamp from the discussion forum), and be submitted electronically;

Š       The instructor reserves the right to lower/raise the “self-grade” based on evidence summarized by the student or available directly on the Bb course site.


Interaction Type Examples


1.    Student-Content (SC)

a.    Post a few salient sentences on the topic;

b.    Link posts to course theories, lectures or texts (synthesis & analysis);

c.     Cite new or existing sources (not just your opinion) whenever possible.

2.    Student-Student (SS)

a.    Draw out a colleague’s assumptions through probing follow up queries;

b.    Dispute positions with which you do not agree;

c.     Defend your position.

3.    Student-Group (SG)

a.    Provoke thought (not emotions) about a new idea or issue;

b.    Contribute to the civil discourse or edification of the class;

c.     Encourage participation of others.




You should post more than one question/comment per week to cover the range of interaction types above, but include your best example in the portfolio. Based on the following, consider how insightful your question/comment was. Do the same for your responses to other students' posts.



A (4 pts)

B (3 pts)

C (2 pts)

D (1 pts)

F (0 pts)

Question/Comment Interaction Types (will likely be SC)

High quality post; using all aspects of a type.

Good quality post; using 2 of 3 aspects of a type.

Average quality post; using 1 aspect/type.

Poor quality post.

Not participating at all.


Interaction Types

High quality reply, one for each type (SC, SS, SG).

Good quality reply; 2 of 3 types (one is SC)


Average quality reply (one is SC)

Poor quality reply.

Not participating at all.


For group responses to your original post (there may be more, but three will do), use the following scale (0 to 2 points):


0 = if you did not elicit a response;

1 = if you elicited a poor response (because your question/comment wasn't great);

2 = if the response was adequate.