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Adding an Assignment

The Assignment feature combines the file exchange capabilities of the Digital Drop Box with the organization and convenience of the Gradebook. This tool allows the designer the opportunity to create and post an assignment in any of the content areas and keep the the assignment submissions in a convenient working environment.

Creating an Assignment

Reviewing and Grading Assignments

Clearing up the Assignment

Creating an Assignment

1. From Inside your course site, go to Control Panel.

2. Under Content Areas, click on the content area where you wish to place the assignment.


3. Choose "Assignment" from the drop down box in the upper right and click "Go".

4. Name the assignment, assign the appropriate number of points possible and enter the instructions in the text box.

5. Check the appropriate boxes for the assignment availability, attach any appropriate files and click .

Reviewing and Grading Assignments 

Instructors can retrieve and grade assignments through the gradebook, much like any other kind of assessment. However, Assignments have other tools that make managing multiple files much easier.

1. To retrieve an individual student's submission, select the individual entry with the symbol (!) from the Gradebook.

2. Click on "View" to download the file/s the student has submitted, add feedback that the student will see in his/her Student Gradebook, and add private Instructor Notes that will not be seen by the student.

3. To return a graded assignment, click the individual entry from the gradebook and then click "View". In the feedback to student section, enter a grade, comments, attach the graded assignment and click .

Clearing the Assignment  

Once the assignment has been completed you can batch download a copy of the submitted files for archiving or you can easily delete the files from your course.

1. To download a file(s) simply click on the title of the assignment in the gradebook and then click on the "Item Download" link. Now you have the option of downloading all submitted files or selected files to a .zip file on your computer.

2. If you would simply like to permanently delete the files, click on "Item File Clean Up" and select the files you want to permanently delete. This allows for easy cleanup of the assignment and facilitates good file management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bob Armstrong at 410.455.3885 or rarmstro@umbc.edu or blackboard@umbc.edu

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