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Exporting Your Blackboard Gradebook to Excel

If your used to using Excel for your gradebook, you may want to export the Blackboard gradebook to an Excel file. In addition to serving as backup, you can print out the Excel file as a hard copy report of yourself or your students.

: You can only export a Blackboard gradebook to Excel. You can NOT import an Excel-based gradebook into Blackboard.

1. Inside your course site, go to Control Panel.

2. Under Assessment , click on Online Gradebook.

3. Choose Export Gradebook.

4. Click on Go.

5. Click on Get Exported Gradebook.

6. You will get a window that looks like the one above. Click on OK.

7. You can change the name of the file, and choose the folder on your computer where you want to store it. Then click Save. (It may take a few minutes to complete.)8. To view the file, find it on your computer, and double click on it.

For help on working with Excel, see OIT's Training Site.

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