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Changing the Course Design

The design options available in Blackboard include:

Changing the menu navigation style -
buttons VS. links with a colored background

Adding a course banner

Changing Menu Navigation             Control Panel > Settings > Course Design > Course Design

Access the course Control Panel

Settings - under "Course Options" in the Control Panel

Course Design option from the Settings menu

Course Design option from the Course Design menu


Select navigation style - either buttons or text.

Text Navigation:

Below navigation style options, you may choose the color of the background and text as it appears on your course menu.

Menu Navigation: Buttons VS. Text

Click the Pick buttons to open the "ColorPicker" in a pop-up window, then select the color for your background and text.


Click Submit when you have completed configuring the menu navigation.



Button Navigation:

If you have chosen the button style, you may configure the shape of the button (Rounded Corners, Rectangular, Rounded Ends) and select a button style (color). You can view and configure your options in Gallery of Buttons.

Click Submit when you have completed configuring the menu navigation.


Configuring menu button appearance
Adding a Course Banner

Adding a banner to your course allows you to personalize your Announcements page. This tutorial leads you through uploading your banner graphic, and suggestions on the banner size and format.

- How do I create a banner?
You can create a course banner using any graphics editing software (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, MS Paint, Ulead PhotoImpact, etc.).

- In what graphics format should I save my course banner?
Course banners should be saved as .JPG or .GIF files.

- What should be the size of my course banner?
The suggested size of a course banner is:

600 pixels (wide) X 100 pixels (long)

NOTE: When you create a course banner, be aware that it will not resize within the browser.

The Course Banner appearing on the announcements page

Course Banners can also be added to Blackboard Communities

To change or add a course banner:

1. Access your course Control Panel.
2. Under "Course Options", click Settings.
3. Click Course Design.
4. From the Course Design page, click Course Banner.

5. Assuming that you have already created your banner, click Browse, to select the graphic from your computer. The suggested dimensions in the graphic (right) are not to scale.

6. Click Submit after you have selected the graphic.

The Course Banner page. The 600 X 100 "guides" are added in this tutorial for reference, and are not to scale.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bob Armstrong at 410.455.3885 or rarmstro@umbc.edu or blackboard@umbc.edu.
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