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Creating Lectures with an MP3 Recorder & Uploading into Bb

This helpsheet will walk you through the process of creating an audio file using a digital audio recorder from Classroom Technologies (AV Services), posting the file in a Blackboard course, and controlling access to that file based on the adaptive release model.

Recording the Audio File

This example is based on using the Sony MP3 IC Recorder supplied by Classroom Technologies (AV Services). NOTE: All of the steps after these initial set of directions in the .pdf file will also work with any digital audio recorder.

Step 1: Record the desired lecture by following the directions here:

Posting the Audio File in a Blackboard Course

Step 1: Copy/paste the audio file onto your computer (desktop or folder). This can be done directly from the recorder or from another source such as a zip drive or cd if not using an attached recorder.

Step 2: Log into Blackboard -> click on Control Panel -> click on the appropriate content page.

Step 3: Click on "Add Item" to upload content.

Adding Adaptive Release to the Audio File (Optional)

The adaptive process allows you to control access to a file once it is posted in Blackboard
. By setting rules, you can require students to satisfy a set of conditions before allowing them to access the file. In the following example, we are requiring students to have a gradebook entry in a CPS assessment before they can access the audio file posted above.

Note: This example is actually inspired by UMBC Professor Tamara Mendelson's use of clickers to control online access to recordings of in-class lectures

Step 1: Adding an Adaptive Release Rule

  • Click Manage to the right of the item to which you want to add a rule.

Four options appearing to the right of an Item

Step 2: Click on Adaptive Release: Advanced option

  • This allows you to create "Rules" for access

Options for Adaptive Release


Step 3: Select "Rule", name the rule or choose the default and click "Submit", select "Gradebook Item" to set a rule based on an item in the gradebook.

  • Select the down arrow next to the "Select a Gradebook Item".

  • Select the gradebook item you want the adaptive rule to apply to.

  • Select "Item has at least one attempt" to set the conditions for the item. If you want the student to get a specific score before the rule applies, you can set that using the "Score less than or Score between to set up specific scores.

  • Click "Submit" and you should see the following set-up next to your file.


  • You are now able to test the rule by going back to the front of the course (not through the Control Panel) and accessing the file the way the student would. If you don't see the file, you have set everything up correctly.


If you have any questions, please submit a help request in myUMBC or contact the OIT Help Desk at 410.455.3838 or Room 020 in the Engineering Bldg.
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