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Report Run On: May 16, 2007
HitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1661116611IS147_0101_SP2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2007Tate Redding
2611216112EDUC655_8030_SP2007EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2007George Chinnery
3602916029EDUC666_8720_SP2007EDUC 666 SP2007Lisa Gambino, Sarah Shin, Joan Shin
4581415814BIOL100_0101_SP2007BIOL 100 Concepts of Biology, Spr 2007 (TuTh)Phillip Sokolove, Rachel Brewster
5575515755PSYC324_0101_SP2007PSYC 324 Interviewing Techniques SP2007Mary Fox
6535815358GES314_0101_SP2007GES 314 Geography of Soils SP2007Quin Holifield
7522115221PHYS112_0101a_SP2007SP07 PHYS112 (all)Lili Cui
8484914849IS440_0201_SP2007IS 440Henry Emurian
9481114811BIOL100L_0101_SP2007BIOL 100L Concepts of Experimental Biology (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0106/0107/0201/0203/0204/0207/0208/0209) SP2007Lark Claassen
10457214572CMSC104_0501_SP2007CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming SP2007Gary Burt
11439714397AMST384_0101_SP2007AMST 384/ HIST 308: Perspectives on Childhood and Adolescence (SS) SP2007Kriste Lindenmeyer
12426614266SPAN301_0101_SP2007SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I (L) SP2007Elisabeth Arevalo
13423714237ENGL100_1501a_SP2007 ENGL 100 Composition (1501/0601/0602) SP2007Donald Killgallon
14418814188MUSC322_0101_SP2007MUSC 322 Music History II SP2007E Cox
15414914149PHYS111_0101a_SP2007SP07 PHYS111 (all)Lili Cui
16410514105PSYC446_0101_SP2007PSYC 446 Industrial/Organizational Psychology SP2007Mary Fox
17382013820IS147_0301_SP2007 IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2007Richard Goldman
18381713817AFST206_0101_SP2007AFST 206 Afro-American History: A Survey (SS) SP2007Karen Sutton
19381013810ART325_0101_SP2007ART 325 History of Film and Video: 1965 to Present (AH) SP2007Joe Clark, Jun Staff
20374913749IS699_0101_SP2007IS 699 Capstone Project (0101/0201/0301) SP2007Henry Emurian
21373013730IS298V_0101_SP2007IS 298V Untitled Course (0101/0201) SP2007Dana Smith
22371313713PSYC601A_0101_SP2007PSYC 601A Seminar in Verbal Behavior SP2007A Catania
23363213632EDUC688_8030_SP2007EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language SP2007George Chinnery
24353813538BIOL305_0101_SP2007BIOL 305 Comparative Animal Physiology (0101/0201) SP2007Frank Hanson
25706323531SCI100_0101_SP2007SCI 100 Water; An Interdisciplinary Study (MS) (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0301/0302/0303/0304/0305) SP2007Karin Readel, Daniel Sheckells
26336913369IS413_0101_SP2007IS 413 GUI Systems Using JAVA SP2007Henry Emurian
27317513175IS300_0401a_SP2007IS 300/300H Management Information Systems (0401/0501) SP2007Amy Everhart
28315613156IS147_0201_SP2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2007Richard Goldman, Kelley Engle
29313813138IS651_0101_SP2007IS 651 Network Design and Management SP2007Barbara Morris, Gerald Canfield
30307813078PSYC331_0201_SP2007PSYC 331 Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis I (SS) (0201/0202/0203/0301/0302/0303) SP2007laura stapleton
31923333077ELC041_8030_SP2007ELC 041 : Writing and Grammar for Academic Purposes SP2007Paul Taylor, Silvio Avendano, Colleen Grisham
32298012980PSYC340_0101_SP2007PSYC 340 Social Psychology (SS) SP2007Shawn Bediako
33296812968HIST402_0101_SP2007HIST 402 History of the New South SP2007Anne Rubin
34283612836IS448_0101_SP2007IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages SP2007Gerald Canfield
35281212812POLI100_0101_SP2007POLI 100 American Government and Politics (SS) (0101/0201) SP2007Tyson King-Meadows
36279712797CHEM352_0101_SP2007CHEM 352 Organic Chemistry II (0101/0201) SP2007Tiffany Gierasch
37272412724IS461C_0101_SP2007IS 461C/661C Health Care Informatics II SP2007Roy Rada
38266812668IS733_0101_SP2007IS 733 Data Warehousing and Mining SP2007Aryya Gangopadhyay
39266312663ARCH120_0101_SP2007ARCH 120 World Archaeology (AH or C) SP2007Esther Read
40265812658EDUC310_0201_SP2007EDUC 310 Inquiry into Education SP2007Sandra Danna
41519722598ENMG650_8010_SP2007ENMG 650 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS SP2007Anita Griner, James Peter
42255012550IS295_0301_SP2007IS 295 Introduction to Applications Programming SP2007Dana Smith
43252312523EDUC678_0101a_SP2007EDUC 678 Instructional Strategies/Students-Diverse Needs (0101/0201) SP2007Nancy Berge
44251412514AMST325_0101_SP2007AMST 325 Studies in Popular Culture (AH) SP2007Donald Snyder
45250512505IS125_0101_SP2007IS 125 Information Systems Logic and Structured Design SP2007Carolyn Seaman
46249912499EDUC771_8721_SP2007EDUC 771 Research Designs in Education (8721) SP2007Nezhat Olia
47499722498IS387_0101_SP2007IS/ENGL 387 Web Content Development SP2007Weimin Hou, Anita Komlodi
48249012490AMST372_0101_SP2007AMST 372 American Food SP2007Warren Belasco
49246812468FYS103D_0101_SP2007FYS 103D Global Warming SP2007Raymond Hoff
50243712437AMST374_0101_SP2007AMST 374 Things to Come: Perspectives on the Future SP2007Warren Belasco