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1837018370ENEE663_8010_FA2007ENEE 663 System Implementation, Integration And Test FA2007Paul Martin
2835818358CHEM351_0201_FA2007CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry I FA2007Ram Hosmane
3634916349IS147_0201_FA2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming FA2007Kelley Gurley
4630516305EDUC310_0101_FA2007EDUC 310 Inquiry into Education (0101/0301) FA2007Sandra Danna
5570715707PSYC324_0101_FA2007PSYC 324 Introduction to Interviewing Techniques FA2007Mary Fox
6529915299EDUC636_8030_FA2007EDUC 636 English as a Second Language/Foreign Language Testing and Evaluation FA2007Richard Arbogast
7493514935HIST201_0101_FA2007HIST 201 Introduction to the Study of History FA2007Kriste Lindenmeyer
8850224251IS629_0101_FA2007IS 629 Human Factors in Information Systems FA2007Henry Emurian, Anthony Norcio
9401814018PSYC320_0101_FA2007PSYC 320 Psychological Assessment FA2007Mary Fox
10399013990IS147_0501_FA2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming FA2007Charles Hundley
11388413884ENGL100_1701_FA2007ENGL 100 Composition FA2007Donald Killgallon
12357913579BIOL100L_0101_FA2007BIOL 100L Concepts of Experimental Biology (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0106/0107/0201/0202/0203/0204/0205/0206) FA2007Lark Claassen
13355413554SOCY202_0101_FA2007SOCY 202 Drugs and Alcohol in Society FA2007Cindy Voss
14348913489SOCY420_0101_FA2007SOCY 420 Social Epidemiology FA2007Tracey Serpi
15344013440ENGL393_0101_FA2007ENGL 393 Technical Writing (0101/0201) FA2007Diana Sims
16339013390ENEE660_8010_FA2007ENEE 660 Systems Engineering Principles FA2007Peter Hoch
17336313363IS310H_0101_FA2007IS 310H Software and Hardware Concepts FA2007Darpan Parikh
18325613256EDUC603_8030_FA2007EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II FA2007Deborah Petska
19325213252IS295_0301_FA2007IS 295 Introduction to Applications Programming FA2007Dana Smith
20322613226EDUC647_8030_FA2007EDUC 647 Corporate Distance Training FA2007Zane Berge
21314113141AFST206_0101_FA2007AFST 206 Afro-American History: A Survey FA2007Karen Sutton
22309913099PSYC340_0101_FA2007PSYC 340 Social Psychology FA2007Shawn Bediako
23299312993IS246V_0101_FA2007IS 246V Visual Basic Course (0101/0201) FA2007Dana Smith
24297812978IS672_0101_FA2007IS 672 Computer and Network Security (0101) Fall 2007Gerald Canfield
25295212952IS101_0201_FA2007IS 101 Introduction to Computer Based Systems FA2007Boonlit Adipat
26289212892IS651_0101_FA2007IS 651 Network Design and Management FA2007Gerald Canfield
271128642821IS631_0101_FA2007Management Information Systems (0101-FA2007)Stephen Russell, Dongsong Zhang, Yunfang Feng, Kelley Engle
28278912789MATH155_0201_FA2007MATH 155 Elementary Calculus (0201) FA2007Michael Muscedere
29275112751IS601_0101_FA2007IS 601 Foundations of Information Systems FA2007Roy Rada
30266612666IS300_0501_FA2007IS 300 Management Information Systems FA2007Roy Rada
31266012660IS125_0101_FA2007IS 125 Information Systems Logic and Structured Design FA2007Carolyn Seaman
32265212652AFST353_0101_FA2007AFST 353 African American History Since 1865 FA2007Karen Sutton
33263412634IS147_0301_FA2007IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming FA2007Richard Goldman
34261512615PSYC332_0301_FA2007PSYC 332 Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis II (0301/0302/0303) FA2007Mario Sto. Domingo
35521222606PHYS111_0101_FA2007FA07_PHYS111Anthony Davidson, Lili Cui
36259612596EDUC388_0101_FA2007EDUC 388 Inclusion and Instruction FA2007Sandra Danna, Lynetta Parker
37251212512AMST210_0101_FA2007AMST 210 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies FA2007Elizabeth Hagovsky
38248212482IS448_0101_FA2007IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages FA2007Gerald Canfield
39241912419EDUC625_8030_FA2007EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students: Part I FA2007Eunju Chen, Jun Staff, George Chinnery
40234912349CHEM420_0101_FA2007CHEM 420 Computer Applications in Chemistry FA2007Lisa Kelly
41233112331BIOL453_0101_FA2007BIOL 453 Physiological Bases of Behavior FA2007Frank Hanson
42230412304IS672_0301_FA2007IS 672 Computer and Network Security (0301) Fall 2007Gerald Canfield
43230112301PSYC210H_0101_FA2007PSYC 210H Psychology of Learning FA2007A Catania
44229612296AMST325_0101_FA2007AMST 325 Studies in Popular Culture FA2007Donald Snyder
45228912289MLL270_0101_FA2007MLL 270 Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization FA2007Elaine Rusinko
46227912279SOWK240_0201_FA2007SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work (0201/0301) FA2007John Laur, Katherine Morris
47221312213HIST421_0101_FA2007HIST 421/621 The American Civil War FA2007Anne Rubin
48217612176AMST222_0101_FA2007AMST 222 Introduction to Media Studies (0101/0201) FA2007Paula King
49216512165ECON301_0101_FA2007ECON 301 Intermediate Accounting I (0101/0201) FA2007Marcia Croteau
50212012120CMSC345_0101_FA2007CMSC 345 Software Design and Development (0101/0201) FA2007Susan Mitchell