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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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163527262443IS634_0101a_SP2008IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0101) SP2008Carolyn Seaman, Carlton Crabtree, Heather Holden
251540271908IS634_0201_SP2008IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0201) SP2008Heather Holden, Carolyn Seaman, Carlton Crabtree
3137638861600PSYC100_0201_SP2008PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology SP2008Linda Jones, Bob's Guest, Eileen O'Brien, Brian Jobe
424432171437EHS691_0101_SP2008EHS 691 Business Development and Strategic Planning SP2008Brian Maguire
516600121383SOWK240_8620_SP2008SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work SP2008Kathryn Sullivan, John Laur, Katie Morris
627364201368EDUC605_8030_SP2008EDUC 605 The Adult Learner (8030) SP2008Smith Kalita, Greg Williams, Ciaran Lesikar
724152191271EDUC655_8030_SP2008EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2008 onlineJoann Crandall, Marilena Draganescu
819609161225EDUC643_8030_SP2008EDUC 643 Principles of Distance Education SP2008Zane Berge, Marie Collins
913153111195EDUC688_8030_SP2008EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language SP2008Eunju Chen
1012647111149PSYC601A_0101_SP2008PSYC 601A Seminar in Verbal Behavior SP2008A Catania
1122722201136EDUC771T_8030_SP2008EDUC 771T Research Design in Training & Development SP2008Keith Curran
1211745111067EHS642_0101_SP2008EHS 642 Event-Driven Resource Deployment SP2008Stephen Dean, Richard Bissell
1319019181056ART389_0101_SP2008ART 389 Topics in Computer Art SP2008Katherine Hirsch
1417934171054EDUC603_8030_SP2008EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II SP2008Jeannette Campos
1528226271045IS634_0301_SP2008IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0301) SP2008Carlton Crabtree, Carolyn Seaman, Heather Holden
1622668221030EDUC671_8030_SP2008EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development SP2008Zane Berge, Marie Collins
1724714241029ELC688_8030_SP2008ELC 688 Teaching English to Young Learners SP2008Joan Shin, Adriana Val, Colleen Grisham
1823297231012EDUC602T_8030_SP2008EDUC 602T Instructional Systems Development I (8030) SP2008Chuck Hodell
1920219201010IS632_0101a_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0101) SP2008Gerald Canfield
201571216982LING694_8020_SP2008LING/MLL 694 Grammar of American English SP2008Mary Tabaa
211551116969EDUC605_8031_SP2008EDUC 605 The Adult Learner (8031) SP2008Jeffrey Boham, Greg Williams
221239313953EDUC667_8030_SP2008EDUC 667 The Grammar of American English for ESOL TeachersJohn Nelson
231596717939IS605_0101_SP2008IS 605 Information Systems Fundamentals I (0101) SP2008Gerald Canfield
241862520931IS632_0301_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0301) SP2008Gerald Canfield
252123523923EDUC602T_8031_SP2008EDUC 602T Untitled Course (8031) SP2008Chuck Hodell
261178613906IS606_0101_SP2008IS 606 Informations Systems Fundamentals II (0101) SP2008Gerald Canfield
271871921891IS147_0201_SP2008IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2008Kelley Gurley
281460518811IS632_0201_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0201) SP2008Gerald Canfield
29950812792IS804_0101_SP2008IS 804 Advanced Experimental Design Methodology SP2008Henry Emurian
301250916781ENMG654_8010_SP2008ENMG 654 LEADING TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS SP2008Greg Williams, Ted Foster, Illysa Izenberg
3162158776IS699_0101_SP2008IS 699 Capstone Project (0101/0201) SP2008Henry Emurian
3267249747EDUC625_0101_SP2008EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students: Part I SP2008Sarah Shin
331765724735GES408_0101_SP2008GES 408 Field Ecology SP2008Chris Swan
341722324717IS671_0201_SP2008IS 671 Electronic Commerce (0201) SP2008Huijuan Wu, Ant Ozok
351115616697IS733_0101_SP2008IS 733 Data Warehousing and Mining SP2008Vandana Janeja
361280619674IS632_0401_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0401) SP2008Gerald Canfield
371552323674IS698B_0101_SP2008IS 698B Intelligent Investing SP2008Roy Rada
3871406107667PSYC210_0201_SP2008PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning SP2008Nicole Whyms, Sigurdur Sigurdsson
3973767111664PSYC210_0101_SP2008PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning SP2008John Borrero
40113574176645PHYS112_0101_SP2008SP08_PHYS112Lili Cui
411340921638EDUC655_0101_SP2008EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2008Joann Crandall
421132418629IS448_0101_SP2008IS 448 Markup and Scripting Languages SP2008Gerald Canfield
432705143629PSYC320_0101_SP2008PSYC 320 Psychological Assessment SP2008Manica Ramos, Mary Fox
444767278611CMSC421_0101_SP2008CMSC 421 (0101/0201) Principles of Operating Systems SP2008Anupam Joshi, Yelena Yesha
4586399142608PSYC100_0101_SP2008PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology SP2008Karen Freiberg, Bob's Guest
461093118607IS147_0501_SP2008IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2008Charles Hundley
47666811606LLC600B_0101_SP2008LLC 600B: Interdisciplinary Issues, Frameworks, and Research Beverly Bickel
481305122593IS671_0101a_SP2008IS 671 Electronic Commerce (0101) SP2008Huijuan Wu, Ant Ozok
492884649588CMSC104_0401_SP2008 CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming (0401) SP2008Gary Burt
5017383579IS700_0201_SP2008IS 700 Independent Study In Information Systems FA2007Gerald Canfield