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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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HitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse ID | Tool UsageCourse NameInstructor(s)
1649716497EDUC603_8030_SP2009EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II SP2009Jeannette Campos
3532415324GES771_8620_SP2009GES771Owen Evans
4476114761EDUC605_8030_SP2009EDUC 605 The Adult Learner SP2009Marie Collins
5465414654BIOL100L_0101_SP2009BIOL 100L Concepts of Experimental Biology (0101/0103/0104/0105/0107/0201/0203/0204/0205/0207) SP2009Lark Claassen
6464914649BIOL302L_0201_SP2009BIOL 302L Molecular and General Genetics Laboratory (0201/0202/0301/0302/0401/0402/0501/0502) SP2009Steven Caruso
7860124300IS670_0101_SP2009IS 670 Health Care Information Systems (0101) SP2009Jie Du, Roy Rada
8400414004ENMG650_8010_SP2009ENMG 650 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS SP2009Anita Griner, James Peter
9391213912AFST100_0201_SP2009AFST 100 Introduction to The Black Experience SP2009Karen Sutton
10391113911EDUC683_8030_SP2009EDUC 683 Multi-Media Project Management SP2009Rafi Ahmad
11358513585EDUC643_8030_SP2009EDUC 643 Principles of Distance Education SP2009Zane Berge
12356613566IS247_0301_SP2009IS 247 0301/0401Computer Programming II SP2009A DeVries
13328813288IS632_0101_SP2009IS 632 Networking (0101) SP2009Dr. Jeremiah Jeng
14326013260EDUC655_8030_SP2009EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students Part II SP2009 onlineColleen Grisham
15320513205IS300_0201_SP2009IS 300 Management Information Systems SP2009Roy Rada
16630223151PSYC331_0201_SP2009PSYC 331 Pitts SP2009Steven Pitts, Katherine Bohner
17302513025IS804_0101_SP2009IS 804 Advanced Experimental Design Methodology SP2009Henry Emurian
18587322936IS629_0101_SP2009IS 629 Human Factors in Information Systems SP2009Henry Emurian, Ravi Kuber
19290912909IS147_0201_SP2009IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2009Kelley Gurley
20289312893IS147_0401_SP2009IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming SP2009Hayden Wimmer
21573722868IS670_0201_SP2009IS 670 Health Care Information Systems (0201) SP2009Roy Rada, Jie Du
22281312813ENGL100_1501_SP2009ENGL 100/100A (1501/0601/0602) Composition SP2009Don Killgallon
23276612766IS698_0101_SP2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems SP2009Aryya Gangopadhyay
24274412744HEBR102_0101_SP2009HEBR 102 Elementary Modern Hebrew II SP2009Yael M. Moses
25261912619IS246V_0101_SP2009IS 246V Untitled Course SP2009Dana Smith
26252312523BIOL123_0101_SP2009BIOL 123 Human Genetics SP2009Damilola Akinmade
27252112521IS672_0101_SP2009IS 672 Computer and Network Security (0101) Spring 2009kip Canfield
28249312493CHEM455_0101_SP2009CHEM 455/655 Introduction to Biomedicinal Chemistry SP2009Ram Hosmane
29248912489PUBL613_0101_SP2009PUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations SP2009Pattee Fletcher
30243012430SPAN201_0601_SP2009SPAN 201/0601 Messick Intermd Span I SP2009Rosalie Messick
31241312413EDUC310_0201_SP2009EDUC 310 Inquiry into Education SP2009Sandra Danna
32481622408IS387_0101_SP2009IS 387 Web Content Development SP2009Anita Komlodi, Huimin Qian
33236412364IS728_0101_SP2009IS 728.0101 Online Communities SP2009 (THU)Wayne Lutters
34233512335IS733_0101_SP2009IS 733 Data Warehousing and Mining SP2009Vandana Janeja
35700132333SOWK240_8620_SP2009SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work (0101/0201/8620) SP2009Christina Olenik, Christy Olenik, Katie Morris, Kathryn Sullivan
36232112321IS303_0301_SP2009IS 303 Human Factors in Computer Systems Design SP2009Ravi Kuber
37231412314INDS330_0201_SP2009INDS 330.0201 Ways of Knowing SP2009Lisa Vetter
38227412274IS728_0201_SP2009IS 728.0201 Online Communities SP2009 (TUE)Wayne Lutters
39227312273SPAN201_0801_SP2009SPAN 201/0801 Messick Intermediate Span I SP2009Rosalie Messick
40222212222ENME110_0101_SP2009ENME 110 Statics (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105) SP2009David Irvine
41221412214EDUC688_8030_SP2009EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language SP2009Eunju Chen, Raymond Terhorst
42220012200IS451_0101_SP2009IS 451 Network Design and Management (0101/0201) SP2009Dina Glazer
43217512175ECON122_0401_SP2009ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II (0401) SP2009Timothy Hardy
44217412174AFST206_0101_SP2009AFST 206/HIST 218 Introduction to African-American History: A Survey SP2009Karen Sutton
45216112161HIST421_0101_SP2009HIST 421/621 The American Civil War SP2009Anne Rubin
46210412104GES673_8620_SP2009GES 673 Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis SP2009Steven Young, Paul Young
47209412094IS310_0101_SP2009IS 310 Software and Hardware Concepts SP2009Tate Redding
48208312083ENME204_0101_SP2009ENME 204 Introduction to Engineering Design with CAD (0101/0102/0103) SP2009James Miller
49203612036IS295_0301_SP2009IS 295 Introduction to Applications Programming SP2009Dana Smith
50201012010CHEM351_0101_SP2009CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry I SP2009Tiffany Gierasch