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128303151886IS698_4.5424_FA2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (section 4) FA2009Wayne Lutters, Jocelyn Wu
234987211666ECON122_3.2475_FA2009ECON 122 Principles of Accounting II FA2009Timothy Hardy
334256211631IS698_3.5423_FA2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (section 3) FA2009Wayne Lutters, Jocelyn Wu
434663221575IS698_2.5422_FA2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (section 2) FA2009Wayne Lutters, Jocelyn Wu
523501151566ENMG690_01.5994_FA2009BTEC/ENMG 690 Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (Fall)Julie Kirk
620296131561EHS641_1.3359_FA2009EHS 641 Emergency Health Services Law and Policy (1.3359/2.3360) FA2009Rick Bissell, Brian Maguire, Skip Kirkwood, Bruce Walz
731219201560EDUC647_1.3563_FA2009EDUC 647 DISTANCE TRAINING FA2009Greg Kearsley
829961201498EDUC605_2.3558_FA2009EDUC 605 The Adult Learner FA2009Marie Collins
91104581380EHS640_1.3333_FA2009EHS 640 Fundamentals of High Performance Mobile Health Systems (1.3333/2.3334) FA2009Stephen Dean, Kurt Krumperman, Bruce Walz
1025765201288IS631_1.5409_FA2009IS 631-Management Information Systems (section 3) FA2009Henry Emurian, Jianwei Lai, Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
1137167291281SOWK240_3.3724_FA2009SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work FA2009Katie Morris
1221377171257IS668_1.5421_FA2009IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (section 3) FA2009kip Canfield
1352353431217ECAC329_1.2419_FA2009ECAC 329 Cost Accounting FA2009Timothy Hardy
1427937231214IS631_1.5407_FA2009IS 631-Management Information Systems (section 1) FA2009Henry Emurian, Jianwei Lai, Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
1525804221172IS668_1.5420_FA2009IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (section 2) FA2009kip Canfield
1621745201087ENMG652_1.4726_FA2009ENMG 652/BTEC 665 MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION FA2009Anita Griner, Illysa Izenberg
1718968181053IS668_1.5419_FA2009IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (section 1) FA2009kip Canfield
1820708201035IS631_1.5410_FA2009IS 631-Management Information Systems (section 4) FA2009Henry Emurian, Jianwei Lai, Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
1925862251034IS607_1.1444_FA2009IS 607 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS (section 1) FA2009Jeff Martens
2016540161033EDUC688_2.2460_FA2009EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language FA2009Raymond Terhorst
2121217211010IS631_1.5408_FA2009IS 631-Management Information Systems (section 2) FA2009Henry Emurian, Jianwei Lai, Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
2210086101008EDUC625_2.2439_FA2009EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students (ONLINE): Part I FA2009Sarah Shin, Colleen Grisham
23702871004EHS652_1.3361_FA2009EHS 652 Human Resources Development (1.3361/2.3362) FA2009Rick Bissell, Mike Taigman, Brian Maguire, Mike Taigman, Bruce Walz
24918510918EDUC636_2.2445_FA2009EDUC 636 English as a Second Language/Foreign Language Testing and Evaluation FA2009Adriana Val, Fernando Fleurquin
252381926916ENMG656_01.4585_FA2009ENMG 656 Engineering Law and Ethics (Fall)Ted Foster, Rich Wilson, Michael Oliver
261455416909EDUC771_3.3798_FA2009EDUC 771 Research Designs in Education FA2009Keith Curran
271444016902EDUC671_2.3560_FA2009EDUC671 Principles of Training & Development (2.3560) FA2009Zane Berge
281519717893EDUC602_5.3555_FA2009Fall 2009 - EDUC 602 Instructional Systems Development I (5.3555) FA 2009Chuck Hodell
291154913888GES671_0101.6326_FA2009GES671 Spatial Database and System Design FA2009Owen Evans
301507317886EDUC603_1.3556_FA2009EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II FA2009Jeannette Campos
311588618882EDUC667_2.6249_FA2009EDUC 667 Grammar of American English for ESOL Teachers FA2009Mary Tabaa
321177914841EDUC644_2.2448_FA2009EDUC 644 LINGUISTICS FOR ESOL/BILINGUAL EDUCATORS FA2009Sarah Shin, Mary Tabaa
331116614797IS633_1.5414_FA2009IS 633 Database Management Systems (section 2) FA2009Aryya Gangopadhyay
34865811787IS803_1.1925_FA2009IS 803 Gateway Seminar for Doctoral Students FA2009Guisseppi Forgionne, Sreedevi Sampath, Dongsong Zhang, Vandana Janeja, Carolyn Seaman, Aryya Gangopadhyay, Anita Komlodi, Roy Rada, Zhiyuan Chen, George Karabatis, Victoria Yoon, A. Gunes Koru
352333230777BTEC685_1.6011_FA2009BTEC 685/ENMG 650 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS FA2009Anita Griner
361393218774ELC402_1.6334_FA2009ELC 402 Reading and Vocabulary for Academic Purposes Level 4 ( Marilena Draganescu), FA2009Adriana Val, Marilena Draganescu
3780476104773PSYC210_2.3645_FA2009PSYC 210 Psychology of Learning FA2009Sigurdur Sigurdsson
3868969766PSYC611_1.3923_FA2009PSYC 611 FA2009Steven Pitts, Sean Logie
391986226763IS601_1.1452_FA2009IS 601 Foundations of Information Systems FA2009Zhiling Guo
401119315746EDUC671_1.3559_FA2009EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development (1.3559) FA2009Zane Berge
411233817725IS651_1.1886_FA2009IS 651 Network Design and Management FA2009kip Canfield
421440920720IS667_1.5416_FA2009IS 667 Interaction Design (section 1) FA2009Anthony Norcio, Yaser Mowafi
431765525706ELC688_8031_FA2009ELC 688 Teaching English to Young Learners (8031) FA2009Silvio Avendano, Colleen Grisham, Doaa Rashed, Adriana Val, Joan Shin, Fernando Fleurquin, Adam Henricksen
441447721689IS387_1.2918_FA2009IS 387 Web Content Development FA2009Anita Komlodi
451158817681EDUC602_4.3554_FA2009Fall 2009 - EDUC 602 Instructional Systems Development I (4.3554) FA2009Chuck Hodell
46950914679IS369_1.2911_FA2009IS 369 RESEARCH SEMINAR: WRITINGS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS FA2009Henry Emurian
471284219675HIST701_1.2409_FA2009HIST 701 The Study of History FA2009Marjoleine Kars
481800227666IS300_6.5354_FA2009IS 300 Management Information Systems (6.5354) FA2009Roy Rada
493384651663SOWK240_1.3722_FA2009SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work (1.3722/2.3723) FA2009Christina Lopez, Christina Lopez
501025216640IS147_1.1447_FA2009IS 147 Introduction to Computer Programming FA2009Tate Redding, Hayden Wimmer, Victoria Yoon