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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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161765232685IS634_0101a_SP2008IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0101) SP2008Heather Holden, Carlton Crabtree, Carolyn Seaman
248220242009IS634_0201_SP2008IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0201) SP2008Heather Holden, Carolyn Seaman, Carlton Crabtree
322805161425EHS691_0101_SP2008EHS 691 Business Development and Strategic Planning SP2008Brian Maguire
421543161346EDUC605_8030_SP2008EDUC 605 The Adult Learner (8030) SP2008Greg Williams, Smith Kalita, Ciaran Lesikar
520137161258EDUC655_8030_SP2008EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2008 onlineMarilena Draganescu, Joann Crandall
615842131218EDUC643_8030_SP2008EDUC 643 Principles of Distance Education SP2008Marie Collins, Zane Berge
71061891179EDUC688_8030_SP2008EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language SP2008Eunju Chen
821353191123EDUC771T_8030_SP2008EDUC 771T Research Design in Training & Development SP2008Keith Curran
926219241092IS634_0301_SP2008IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0301) SP2008Heather Holden, Carolyn Seaman, Carlton Crabtree
10973091081EHS642_0101_SP2008EHS 642 Event-Driven Resource Deployment SP2008Richard Bissell, Stephen Dean
1121873211041EDUC602T_8030_SP2008EDUC 602T Instructional Systems Development I (8030) SP2008Chuck Hodell
121864819981EDUC671_8030_SP2008EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development SP2008Marie Collins, Zane Berge
131442015961EDUC603_8030_SP2008EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II SP2008Jeannette Campos
141964621935EDUC602T_8031_SP2008EDUC 602T Untitled Course (8031) SP2008Chuck Hodell
151778119935IS632_0101a_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0101) SP2008Gerald Canfield
161186413912EDUC605_8031_SP2008EDUC 605 The Adult Learner (8031) SP2008Jeffrey Boham, Greg Williams
171899221904ELC688_8030_SP2008ELC 688 Teaching English to Young Learners SP2008Adriana Val, Colleen Grisham, Joan Shin
181078412898IS606_0101_SP2008IS 606 Informations Systems Fundamentals II (0101) SP2008Gerald Canfield
191431016894IS605_0101_SP2008IS 605 Information Systems Fundamentals I (0101) SP2008Gerald Canfield
20975311886EDUC667_8030_SP2008EDUC 667 The Grammar of American English for ESOL TeachersJohn Nelson
211668219878IS632_0301_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0301) SP2008Gerald Canfield
22859110859PSYC601A_0101_SP2008PSYC 601A Seminar in Verbal Behavior SP2008A Catania
2361388767EDUC625_0101_SP2008EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students: Part I SP2008Sarah Shin
241274617749IS632_0201_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0201) SP2008Gerald Canfield
251048814749LING694_8020_SP2008LING/MLL 694 Grammar of American English SP2008Mary Tabaa
261549222704IS671_0201_SP2008IS 671 Electronic Commerce (0201) SP2008Huijuan Wu, Ant Ozok
271183119622EDUC655_0101_SP2008EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2008Joann Crandall
281118118621IS632_0401_SP2008IS 632 Networking (0401) SP2008Gerald Canfield
291230220615IS698B_0101_SP2008IS 698B Intelligent Investing SP2008Roy Rada
301147620573IS671_0101a_SP2008IS 671 Electronic Commerce (0101) SP2008Ant Ozok, Huijuan Wu
31823015548IS733_0101_SP2008IS 733 Data Warehousing and Mining SP2008Vandana Janeja
3237457535IS699_0101_SP2008IS 699 Capstone Project (0101/0201) SP2008Henry Emurian
331089621518EDUC612_8030_SP2008EDUC 612 Learning Communications SP2008Gregory Walsh
3441238515EHS634_0101_SP2008EHS 634 Disaster Mitigation SP2008Ryan Miller, Andrew Bumbak, Richard Bissell
35662613509ENMG654_8010_SP2008ENMG 654 LEADING TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS SP2008Illysa Izenberg, Greg Williams, Ted Foster
3625345506EHS636_0101_SP2008EHS 636 Disaster Response SP2008Richard Bissell, Andrew Bumbak, Jason Paluck
371158823503EDUC678_0101_SP2008EDUC 678 Instructional Strategies/Students-Diverse Needs SP2008Nancy Berge
389992499EHS661_0101_SP2008EHS 661 Educational Issues In Emergency Health Services SP2008Bruce Walz
399692484IS700_0201_SP2008IS 700 Independent Study In Information Systems FA2007Gerald Canfield
40599513461IS636_0101_SP2008IS 636 Structured Systems Analysis and Design SP2008A. Gunes Koru, Matthew Dinmore
41454410454LLC600B_0101_SP2008LLC 600B: Interdisciplinary Issues, Frameworks, and Research Beverly Bickel
42491811447IS804_0101_SP2008IS 804 Advanced Experimental Design Methodology SP2008Henry Emurian
4331077443PSYC782_0101_SP2008PSYC 782 Reading and Reading Disabilities SP2008Linda Baker
4430347433EDUC792L_0101_SP2008EDUC 792L INTERNSHIP IN EDUCATION TESOL K-12 SP2008Hollis Stein
4538409426EDUC791P_0101_SP2008EDUC 791P PRACTICUM IN EDUCATION SEC. 7-12 SP2008Joyce Murphy
46654216408IS720_0101_SP2008IS 720 Mobile Data Management SP2008George Karabatis
48604616377IS707_0101_SP2008IS 707 Applications of Intelligent Technologies SP2008Lina Zhou
49891324371ENEE662_8010_SP2008ENEE 662 Modeling, Simulation And Analysis SP2008Ted Foster, John Maccarthy
50368010368EDUC681_8010_SP2008EDUC 681 Survey Of Instructional Technology Applications SP2008Paul Kellerman, Katherine Ira