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151798232252EDUC605_8030_FA2008EDUC 605 The Adult Learner FA2008Marie Collins
227313141950EHS640_0101_FA2008EHS 640 Fundamentals of High Performance Mobile Health Systems FA2008Stephen Dean, Brian Maguire, Richard Bissell
349088291692EDUC603_8030_FA2008EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II (8030/8031) FA2008Jeannette Campos
430528191606EDUC647_8030_FA2008EDUC 647 Corporate Distance Training FA2008Greg Kearsley
531243221420IS631_0201_FA2008Management Information Systems (0201)-FA2008Zhenxue Zhang, Jie Du, Jia Sun, Roy Rada
619201141371EDUC636_8030_FA2008EDUC 636 English as a Second Language/Foreign Language Testing and Evaluation FA2008Richard Arbogast
712891101289EDUC625_8030_FA2008EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students: Part I FA2008Eunju Chen, Colleen Grisham
846604371259BTEC665_8050_FA2008BTEC 665/ENMG 652 MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION (8050/8051) FA2008Ted Foster, Patrick Miles, Gergana Kostova, Illysa Izenberg
933409271237IS631_0401_FA2008Management Information Systems (0401)-FA2008Jie Du, Zhenxue Zhang, Jia Sun, Roy Rada
1020982181165IS668_0201_FA2008IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (0201) FA2008Gerald Canfield
1127864241161IS631_0301_FA2008Management Information Systems (0301)-FA2008Jie Du, Zhenxue Zhang, Jia Sun, Roy Rada
1224033211144IS668_0101_FA2008IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (0101) FA2008Gerald Canfield
1313629121135EDUC688_8030_FA2008EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language FA2008John Nelson, Raymond Terhorst
1427834251113IS631_0101_FA2008Management Information Systems (0101)-FA2008Roy Rada, Jia Sun, Zhenxue Zhang, Jie Du
1521165191113IS668_0301_FA2008IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (0301) FA2008Gerald Canfield
1625453231106GES690Y_8620_FA2008GES 690Y Spatial Database and System Design FA2008Owen Evans
1727240251089IS633_0201_FA2008IS 633 Database Management Systems (0201) FA2008Kelley Engle, Aryya Gangopadhyay
1826224251048LING694_8750_FA2008LING 694 Grammar of American English FA2008Sarah Shin, Eunju Chen, Mary Tabaa, Mary Tabaa
1926158251046BTEC660_8030_FA2008BTEC 660/ENCH 660 REGULATORY ISSUES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY FA2008Antonio Moreira, Dionne McMillian-Thorne
2012200121016EDUC771T_8030_FA2008EDUC 771T Research Design in Training and Education FA2008Keith Curran
211949320974EDUC671_8031_FA2008EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development (8031) FA2008Zane Berge
222044221973ENEE663_8010_FA2008ENEE 663 System Implementation, Integration And Test FA2008Paul Martin
232205623958IS667_0301_FA2008IS 667 Interaction Design-0301-Fall 2008Dr. Anthony F. Norcio, Heather Holden, Carlton Crabtree
242387125954IS633_0101_FA2008IS 633 Database Management Systems (0101) FA2008Kelley Engle, Aryya Gangopadhyay
251042611947IS699_0101_FA2008IS 699 Capstone Project (0101) FA2008Drew Alfgren, Henry Emurian
262602728929IS629_0101_FA2008IS 629 Human Factors in Information Systems FA2008Wayne Lutters, Anita Komlodi
2745295905IS700_0201_FA2008IS 700 Independent Study In Information Systems FA2008Gerald Canfield
281785220892EDUC602T_8031_FA2008EDUC 602T -- (8031) FA2008Chuck Hodell
291267415844PUBL613_0101_FA2008PUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations FA2008Patricia Fletcher
3075759841EHS676_0101_FA2008EHS 676 EHS Management of Reimbursement FA2008Brian Maguire
311545719813EDUC671_8030_FA2008EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development (8030) FA2008Zane Berge
322533132791IS651_0101_FA2008IS 651 Newtork Design and Management FA2008Aryya Gangopadhyay, Jun-Jang Jeng
33935012779EHS630_0101_FA2008EHS 630 EHS Issues Analysis and Proposal Writing FA2008Jason Paluck, Richard Bissell, Brian Maguire
34814911740EHS638_0101_FA2008EHS 638 Disaster Preparedness FA2008Jason Paluck, Richard Bissell, Brian Maguire
351629323708IS667_0201_FA2008IS 667 Interaction Design-0201-Fall 2008Carlton Crabtree, Heather Holden, Dr. Anthony F. Norcio
36810212675EDUC602T_8032_FA2008EDUC 602T -- (8032) FA2008Chuck Hodell
3753708671EDUC689_8010_FA2008EDUC 689 Advanced Special Topics in Education FA2008Deborah Petska
381675526644ELC688_8030_FA2008ELC 688 Teaching English to Young Learners FA2008Mary Tabaa, Joan Shin, Sonja Follett, Adriana Val
391577925631IS605_0101_FA2008IS 605 Information Systems Fundamentals I (0101) Fall 2008Jeff Martens
40803313617ENEE670_8010_FA2008ENEE 670 SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PROJECT FA2008Peter Hoch, Ted Foster
4136566609POLI625_0101_FA2008POLI 625 Theories of Public Administration FA2008Patricia Fletcher
4218093603ENCE621_0101_FA2008ENCE 621 Groundwater Hydrology FA2008Claire Welty
43650311591IS805_0101_FA2008IS 805 Advanced Field Research Methodology FA2008Wayne Lutters
441130120565EDUC602T_8030_FA2008EDUC 602T -- (8030) FA2008Chuck Hodell
451364725545IS667_0101_FA2008IS 667 Interaction Design-0101-Fall 2008Dr. Anthony F. Norcio, Heather Holden, Carlton Crabtree
471058820529SOCY620_0101_FA2008SOCY 620 Social Epidemiology FA2008Tracey Serpi
48523810523EHS662_0101_FA2008EHS 662 EHS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT FA2008Bruce Walz, Robert Hendersonjr
491235225494EDUC771_8750_FA2008EDUC 771 Research Designs in Education FA2008John Murdock
501303527482ELC688_8031_FA2008ELC 688 Teaching English to Young Learners FA2008Colleen Grisham, Joan Shin, Fernando Fleurquin, Adriana Val, Silvio Avendano