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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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150382163148IS634_0201_SP2009IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0201) SP2009Madhushri Banerjee, Heather Holden, Carolyn Seaman, Yu-Wei Sung
228205151880IS613C_0101_SP2009IS 613C Graphical User Interface Systems Using JAVA SP2009Dr. Marcella Wilson, Paul Comitz
323283141663IS634_0401_SP2009IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0401) SP2009Carolyn Seaman, Yu-Wei Sung, Madhushri Banerjee, Heather Holden
433039211573EDUC605_8030_SP2009EDUC 605 The Adult Learner SP2009Marie Collins
531417211496IS669_0101_SP2009IS 669 Project Management Operations (0101) SP2009Kelley Engle, Guisseppi Forgionne, Quyin Fan
614729101472EHS720_0101_SP2009EHS 720 Emergency Health Services Quality Assessment SP2009Mike Taigman, Jason Paluck, Brian Maguire
721983171293EDUC643_8030_SP2009EDUC 643 Principles of Distance Education SP2009Zane Berge
825689201284IS634_0301_SP2009IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0301) SP2009Carolyn Seaman, Madhushri Banerjee, Heather Holden, Yu-Wei Sung
925562201278IS670_0101_SP2009IS 670 Health Care Information Systems (0101) SP2009Roy Rada, Jie Du
1028964241206IS634_0101_SP2009IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (0101) SP2009Heather Holden, Yu-Wei Sung, Madhushri Banerjee, Carolyn Seaman
1127476231194IS728_0101_SP2009IS 728.0101 Online Communities SP2009 (THU)Wayne Lutters
1224691211175EDUC603_8030_SP2009EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II SP2009Jeannette Campos
13925881157EDUC655_8030_SP2009EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students Part II SP2009 onlineColleen Grisham
1414887131145IS672_0201_SP2009IS 672 Computer and Network Security (0201) Spring 2009kip Canfield
1518129161133EDUC666_8720_SP2009Cross-Cultural CommunicationEunju Chen, Van McKenna
1612294111117EDUC688_8030_SP2009EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language SP2009Eunju Chen, Raymond Terhorst
1716711151114EDUC791P_0101_SP2009EDUC 791P PRACTICUM IN EDUCATION SEC. 7-12 SP2009Joyce Murphy
1823042211097IS669_0201_SP2009IS 669 Project Management Operations (0201) SP2009Quyin Fan, Kelley Engle, Guisseppi Forgionne
1920727201036EDUC602T_8030_SP2009(8030) SP2009 EDUC 602TChuck Hodell
2011312111028IS728_0201_SP2009IS 728.0201 Online Communities SP2009 (TUE)Wayne Lutters
211570516981IS670_0201_SP2009IS 670 Health Care Information Systems (0201) SP2009Jie Du, Roy Rada
221352814966IS629_0101_SP2009IS 629 Human Factors in Information Systems SP2009Ravi Kuber, Henry Emurian
231916020958EDUC602T_8031_SP2009(8031) SP2009 EDUC 602Chuck Hodell
241525316953EDUC683_8030_SP2009EDUC 683 Multi-Media Project Management SP2009Rafi Ahmad
251773619933EDUC771T_8030_SP2009EDUC 771T Research Design in Training and Education SP2009Keith Curran
261456016910EDUC671_8030_SP2009EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development SP2009John Fritz, Zane Berge
2771378892GES771_8620_SP2009GES771Owen Evans
281537118853IS672_0101_SP2009IS 672 Computer and Network Security (0101) Spring 2009kip Canfield
291001012834GES670_8620_SP2009GES 670: Advanced Seminar in GISErwin Villiger
301719121818IS632_0201_SP2009IS 632 Networking (0201) SP2009Dr. Jeremiah Jeng
31981412817EHS650_0101_SP2009EHS 650 EHS System Design and Contracting SP2009Brian Maguire, Stephen Dean, Michael Gunderson
321432118795EDUC612_8030_SP2009EDUC 612 Learning Communications SP2009Gregory Walsh
33861311783IS698D_0101_SP2009IS698D-Advanced Topics in Service Oriented Architecture (0101) Spring 2009kip Canfield
3448537693EDUC667_8030_SP2009EDUC 667 GRAMMAR OF AMERICAN ENGLISH FOR ESOL TEACHERS SP2009John Nelson, Mary Tabaa, Mary Tabaa
352029330676ENMG650_8010_SP2009ENMG 650 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS SP2009Anita Griner, James Peter
36785812654EHS632_0101_SP2009EHS 632 Disaster Health Services SP2009Jason Paluck, Richard Bissell, Stephan Reissman
371419622645IS632_0301_SP2009IS 632 Networking (0301) SP2009Dr. Jeremiah Jeng
381546424644IS632_0101_SP2009IS 632 Networking (0101) SP2009Dr. Jeremiah Jeng
391029616643ELC688_8030_SP2009ELC 688 Teaching English to Young Learners SP2009Debra Arnold, Fernando Fleurquin, Adriana Val, Joan Shin
401071317630IS607_0101_SP2009IS 607 Information Systems Fundamentals I (0101) Spring 2009Dana Smith
411501325600BTEC662_8050_SP2009BTEC 662/ENCH 662 GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES FOR BIOPROCESSES SP2009Antonio Moreira, Dionne McMillian-Thorne, Susan Lavezza
421132120566IS671_0101_SP2009IS 671 Electronic Commerce (0101) SP2009Ant Ozok
43716913551GES679_8620_SP2009GES 679 Professional Seminar in Geospatial Technologies SP2009Kevin Pomfret
4427265545LLC612_0101_SP2009LLC 612 LANGUAGE RACE AND ETHNICITY Spring 2009Christine Mallinson
45692413532EDUC625_0101_SP2009EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students: Part I SP2009Sarah Shin
46721214515LLC600B_0101_SP2009LLC 600B Spring 2009: Interdisciplinary ResearchBeverly Bickel, Rita Turner
47514610514EHS637_0101_SP2009EHS 637 Disaster Recovery SP2009Richard Bissell, Jason Paluck
48558211507EDUC655_0101_SP2009EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students Part II SP2009Joan Shin, Colleen Grisham, Heather Linville, Adriana Val
49608413468IS651_0101_SP2009IS 651 Network Design and Management SP2009kip Canfield
50832619438IS632_0401_SP2009IS 632 Networking (0401) SP2009Dr. Jeremiah Jeng