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Report Run On: December 19, 2009

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1616216162EDUC647_1.3563_FA2009EDUC 647 DISTANCE TRAINING FA2009Greg Kearsley
2447114471ENMG652_1.4726_FA2009ENMG 652/BTEC 665 MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION FA2009Illysa Izenberg, Anita Griner
3408214082ENMG690_01.5994_FA2009BTEC/ENMG 690 Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (Fall)Julie Kirk
4378513785EDUC603_1.3556_FA2009EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II FA2009Jeannette Campos
5362413624GES671_0101.6326_FA2009GES671 Spatial Database and System Design FA2009Owen Evans
6361313613EDUC605_2.3558_FA2009EDUC 605 The Adult Learner FA2009Marie Collins
7337213372IS668_1.5419_FA2009IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (section 1) FA2009kip Canfield
8337013370BTEC685_1.6011_FA2009BTEC 685/ENMG 650 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS FA2009Anita Griner
9336713367EDUC667_2.6249_FA2009EDUC 667 Grammar of American English for ESOL Teachers FA2009Mary Tabaa
10286512865EDUC671_2.3560_FA2009EDUC671 Principles of Training & Development (2.3560) FA2009Zane Berge
11285612856ENEE680_1.1279_FA2009ENEE 680 Electromagnetic Theory I FA2009Gary Carter
12279712797IS668_1.5420_FA2009IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (section 2) FA2009kip Canfield
13266512665IS668_1.5421_FA2009IS 668 Enterprise-Wide Computing (section 3) FA2009kip Canfield
14261112611EDUC671_1.3559_FA2009EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development (1.3559) FA2009Zane Berge
15495522477PSYC611_1.3923_FA2009PSYC 611 FA2009Steven Pitts, Sean Logie
16238912389ENEE660_1.4732_FA2009ENEE 660/ENMG660 Systems Engineering Principles FA2009Peter Hoch
17216112161ENMG652_01.4726_FA2009ENMG 652/BTEC 655 Management, Leadership and Communication (Fall)Illysa Izenberg
18205212052EDUC688_2.2460_FA2009EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language FA2009Raymond Terhorst
19205012050EDUC678_1.2458_FA2009EDUC 678 Instructional Strategies/Students-Diverse Needs FA2009Nancy Berge
20199911999IS601_1.1452_FA2009IS 601 Foundations of Information Systems FA2009Zhiling Guo
21196211962EDUC771_3.3798_FA2009EDUC 771 Research Designs in Education FA2009Keith Curran
22180511805IS651_1.1886_FA2009IS 651 Network Design and Management FA2009kip Canfield
23358521792EDUC625_2.2439_FA2009EDUC 625 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students (ONLINE): Part I FA2009Colleen Grisham, Sarah Shin
24178011780IS613C_1.5412_FA2009IS 613C Graphical User Interface Systems Using JAVA FA2009Andrew Sears, Charles Pak
25339921699IS698_2.5422_FA2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (section 2) FA2009Jocelyn Wu, Wayne Lutters
26166711667EHS662_1.3335_FA2009EHS 662 EHS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT (1.3335/2.3336) FA2009Bruce Walz
27166111661PUBL613_1.1124_FA2009PUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations FA2009Pattee Fletcher
28161011610EDUC601_1.2429_FA2009EDUC 601 Human Learning and Cognition FA2009Linda Oliva
29629641574IS631_1.5407_FA2009IS 631-Management Information Systems (section 1) FA2009Henry Emurian, Jianwei Lai, Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
30314121570EDUC636_2.2445_FA2009EDUC 636 English as a Second Language/Foreign Language Testing and Evaluation FA2009Fernando Fleurquin, Adriana Val
31149211492IS607_1.1444_FA2009IS 607 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS (section 1) FA2009Jeff Martens
32147411474IS633_1.5413_FA2009IS 633 Database Management Systems (section 1) FA2009Aryya Gangopadhyay
33146511465MLL605_1.2077_FA2009MLL 605 The Field of Intercultural Communication FA2009Edward Larkey
34134011340HIST701_1.2409_FA2009HIST 701 The Study of History FA2009Marjoleine Kars
35261321306IS698_3.5423_FA2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (section 3) FA2009Jocelyn Wu, Wayne Lutters
36125911259EDUC602_5.3555_FA2009Fall 2009 - EDUC 602 Instructional Systems Development I (5.3555) FA 2009Chuck Hodell
37125711257LLC890_1.5629_FA2009LLC 890 Research Proposal Seminar Fall 2009Beverly Bickel
38125411254GES678_1.6211_FA2009GES 678 Advanced Seminar in Geographic Information Systems FA2009John Schlee
39125211252ENCE651_1.5204_FA2009ENCE 651 Water Resource Systems Analysis FA2009Claire Welty
40117911179SOCY630_1.1205_FA2009SOCY 630 Sociology of Aging FA2009Jim Trela
41348331161ENMG656_01.4585_FA2009ENMG 656 Engineering Law and Ethics (Fall)Rich Wilson, Ted Foster, Michael Oliver
42115011150IS600_1.1450_FA2009IS 600 Introduction to object-oriented programming concepts FA2009Sreedevi Sampath
43229921149EDUC644_2.2448_FA2009EDUC 644 LINGUISTICS FOR ESOL/BILINGUAL EDUCATORS FA2009Sarah Shin, Mary Tabaa
44229521147IS698_4.5424_FA2009IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (section 4) FA2009Jocelyn Wu, Wayne Lutters
45111411114EDUC654_1.2450_FA2009EDUC 446/654 Processes and Acquisition of Language and Literacy (1.2293/1.2450)FA2009Patricia Scully
46434741086IS631_1.5408_FA2009IS 631-Management Information Systems (section 2) FA2009Henry Emurian, Jianwei Lai, Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
47107711077EDUC689_2.3743_FA2009EDUC 689 Advanced Special Topics in Education FA2009Deborah Petska
48106511065EDUC650_1.2449_FA2009EDUC 650 Education in Cultural Perspective FA2009Patricia Young
49100311003PSYC601_5.3968_FA2009PSYC 601 Special Topics in Psychology FA2009Esther DeVries
5019952997EDUC791P_1.2495_FA2009EDUC 791P PRACTICUM IN EDUCATION SEC. 7-12 FA2009Joyce Murphy, david freeman