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Report Run On: May 14, 2010

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1523215232EDUC603_02.1779_SP2010EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II SP2010Jeannette Campos
2473914739EDUC605_01.1781_SP2010EDUC 605 The Adult Learner SP2010Marie Collins
3651223256ENMG652_01.6147_SP2010ENMG 652/BTEC 665 MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION SP2010Ted Foster, Anita Griner, Illysa Izenberg
4310413104EDUC771_3.5811_SP2010EDUC 771 Research Designs in Education SP2010Ellen Pechman
5297812978IS632_01.5531_SP2010IS 632 Networking (01) SP2010Aryya Gangopadhyay, Jun-Jang Jeng
6297512975IS672_01.6246_SP2010IS 672 Computer and Network Security (01) Spring 2010kip Canfield
7293512935EDUC678_01.1810_SP2010EDUC 678 Instructional Strategies/Students-Diverse Needs SP2010Nancy Berge
8275112751PSYC601_04.6788_SP2010PSYC 601 Seminar in Verbal Behavior SP2010A. Charles Catania
9268512685BTEC685_01.6146_SP2010ENMG 650/BTEC 685 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS SP2010Anita Griner
10262912629EDUC650_01.1795_SP2010EDUC 650 Education in Cultural Perspective SP2010Patricia Young
11255212552EDUC683_01.1813_SP2010EDUC 683 Multi-Media Project Management SP2010Rafi Ahmad
12243812438IS672_02.6247_SP2010IS 672 Computer and Network Security (02) Spring 2010kip Canfield
13226212262EDUC643_01.1792_SP2010EDUC 643 Principles of Distance Education SP2010Zane Berge
14221012210GES673_100.7656_SP2010GES 673 Geoprocessing & Spat Ana 200902 SP2010Paul Young
15211412114EDUC771_2.1832_SP2010EDUC 771T Research Designs in Training and Development SP2010Keith Curran
16422622113IS607_01.6330_SP2010IS 607 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS (section 1) SP2010Dana Smith, Madhu Ahluwalia
17208712087GES771_100.7010_SP2010GES771 Advanced Spatial Data Management SP2010Owen Evans
18196711967PUBL613_01.6158_SP2010PUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations SP2010Pattee Fletcher
19193211932EDUC671_01.1809_SP2010EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development SP2010Zane Berge
20192111921IS672_03.6248_SP2010IS 672 Computer and Network Security (03) Spring 2010kip Canfield
21191911919MLL670_01.1157_SP2010MLL 670 Second-Language Acquisition and Learning: From Theory to Practice (Online) SP2010Ana Oscoz
22186111861IS601_1.3264_SP2010IS 601 Foundations of Information Systems SP2010Roy Rada
23354421772EDUC666_1.1803_SP2010EDUC 666 CROSSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION/ESOL TEACHERS SP2010Adriana Val, Lori Edmonds, Eunju Chen
24172611726EDUC792_3.5816_SP2010EDUC 792 ISD Internship SP2010Tracy Irish
25163011630IS698_01.6873_SP2010IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems SP2010Aryya Gangopadhyay
26455031516EDUC655_02.1798_SP2010EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2010Colleen Shaughnessy, Doaa Rashed, Colleen Grisham
27150911509IS632_03.5533_SP2010IS 632 Networking (03) SP2010Aryya Gangopadhyay, Jun-Jang Jeng
28596241490ENEE663_01.6238_SP2010ENEE 663 System Implementation, Integration And Test SP2010Richard Taylor, Paul Martin, Sarah Sheard, Cosmo Rappoccio, James Peter
29148611486EDUC602_04.6140_SP2010EDUC 602 Instructional Systems Development I (04.6140) SP2010Charles Hodell
30148511485IS651_1.3269_SP2010IS 651 Network Design and Management SP2010kip Canfield
31291721458IS634_01.5535_SP2010IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (01) SP2010Quyin Fan, Carolyn Seaman
32140511405IS698_02.6871_SP2010IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems SP2010Zhiling Guo
33140111401IS733_1.3273_SP2010IS 733 Data Warehousing and Mining SP2010Vandana Janeja
34834361390ELC688_8030_SP2010ELC 688 Methods Course I SP 2010Adam Henricksen, Adriana Val, Doaa Rashed, Carol Haddaway, Joan Shin, Teresa Valais
35273921369IS671_01.5542_SP2010IS 671 Electronic Commerce (0101) SP2010Jocelyn Wu, Asim Ozok
36267421337IS804_1.3272_SP2010IS 804 Advanced Experimental Design Methodology SP2010Anna Sniadach, Henry Emurian
37647351294IS669_01.5539_SP2010IS 669 Project Management Operations (0101) SP2010Admin Presidium, Jie Du, Guisseppi Forgionne, Amir Karami, Jianwei Lai
38254521272IS634_03.5537_SP2010IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (03) SP2010Wei Zhao, Carolyn Seaman
39364531215LLC600_01.3313_SP2010LLC 600II: Intro to Language, Literacy, & Culture SP2010Gergana Kostova, Beverly Bickel, John Fritz, Jason Loviglio
40236521182EDUC688_02.1815_SP2010EDUC 688 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language SP2010Admin Presidium, Eunju Chen
41233921169IS634_02.5536_SP2010IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (02) SP2010Jinie Pak, Carolyn Seaman
42231821159IS671_02.5543_SP2010IS 671 Electronic Commerce (02) SP2010Jocelyn Wu, Asim Ozok
43115311153EHS691_01.5891_SP2010EHS 691 Business Development and Strategic Planning (01.5891/02.5902) SP2010Rick Bissell, Bruce Walz, Brian Maguire
44225621128EDUC667_02.1805_SP2010EDUC 667 GRAMMAR FOR AMERICAN ENGLISH FOR ESOL TEACHERS SP2010Mary Tabaa, Mary Tabaa
45209821049PSYC711_01.6796_SP2010PSYC 711 Data Analytic Procedures II SP2010Sean Logie, laura stapleton
46209421047ENMG654_01.2349_SP2010ENMG 654 Leading Teams and Organizations SP2010Ted Foster, Illysa Izenberg
4719742987EDUC655_01.1797_SP2010EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2010Jodi Crandall, Heather Linville
489271927BTEC651_01.1375_SP2010BTEC 651 MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY SP2010Nessly Craig
499241924SOCY604_02.3678_SP2010SOCY 604 Statistical Analysis SP2010Elizabeth Flow-Delwiche
509161916HIST701_01.6022_SP2010HIST 701 The Study of History SP2010Kriste Lindenmeyer