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1589215892153EDUC655_2650_SP2011EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII SP2011 ONLINEColleen Grisham
2412414124381IS804_1289_SP2011IS 804 Advanced Experimental Design Methodology (1.1289) SP2011Henry Emurian
337031370388LLC600_3300_SP2011LLC 600 II: Introduction to Language, Literacy, & Culture Spring 2011Beverly Bickel
435811358169EDUC603_2636_SP2011EDUC 603 Instructional Systems Development II (02.2636) SP2011Jeannette Campos
5291912919127IS601_1282_SP2011IS 601 Foundations of Information Systems (1.1282) SP2011Roy Rada
6243312433124IS672_2046_SP2011IS 672 Computer and Network Security (01) Spring 2011kip Canfield
722461224672BTEC651_6903_SP2011BTEC 651 MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY (01.6903) SP2011Cynthia Bolognese
821551215580GES771_4511_SP2011GES771 Advanced Spatial Data Management SP2011Owen Evans
9210212102144GES673_5021_SP2011GES 673 Geoprocessing & Spatial Analysis (1.5021) SP2011Paul Young
10202012020154EDUC643_2644_SP2011EDUC 643 Principles of Distance Education (01.2644) SP2011Zane Berge
11195411954159EDUC671_2660_SP2011EDUC 671 Principles of Training and Development (01.2660) SP2011Zane Berge
1219241192498EDUC612_7169_SP2011EDUC 612 Learning Communications (01.7169) SP2011Gregory Walsh
1338052190270EHS658_2717_SP2011EHS 658 Materials and Fleet Management (01.2717/02.3993) SP2011William Vidacovich, Brian Maguire
1418471184762BTEC685_6965_SP2011BTEC 685 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS (01.6965/ENMG650_6909) SP2011Anita Griner
1517871178776CMSC691_8110_SP2011Security in Wireless and Distributed Systems - CMSC 691-WS Closed Cohort Special Topics in Computer Science (02.8110) SP2011Richard Carback
1617491174998IS632_1941_SP2011IS 632 Networking (01) SP2011Jun-Jang Jeng
17168511685118IS672_2047_SP2011IS 672 Computer and Network Security (02) Spring 2011kip Canfield
18164811648129IS709_7230_SP2011IS 709 Computational Methods for IS Research (01.7230/IS809_7861) SP2011Aryya Gangopadhyay
1932652163272IS669_1949_SP2011IS 669 Project Management Operations (01) SP2011Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
2016141161469EDUC683_2664_SP2011EDUC 683 Multi-Media Project Management (01.2664) SP2011Rafi Ahmad
2130852154264IS698_7221_SP2011IS 698-Information Architecture for the Web (section 6) SP2011Jieyu Wang, Anita Komlodi
2245673152248ENEE663_2044_SP2011ENEE 663 System Implementation, Integration And Test (01.2044) SP2011Sarah Sheard, Paul Martin, Anita Griner, Cosmo Rappoccio
2315161151683IS698_7218_SP2011IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (03) SP2011George Karabatis
2415131151372EDUC678_2661_SP2011EDUC 678 Instructional Strategies/Students-Diverse Needs (01.2661) SP2011Nancy Berge
2527682138493EHS720_2721_SP2011EHS 720 Emergency Health Services Quality Assessment (01.2721/02.7801) SP2011Mike Taigman, Brian Maguire
26137811378113IS672_2048_SP2011IS 672 Computer and Network Security (03) Spring 2011kip Canfield
2712691126980EDUC605_2637_SP2011D EDUC 605 The Adult Learner (01.2637) SP2011Chuck Hodell
28125411254120IS651_1286_SP2011IS 651 Distributed Systems (1.1286) SP2011kip Canfield
2924652123265EDUC667_2657_SP2011EDUC 667 GRAMMAR OF AMERICAN ENGLISH FOR ESOL TEACHERS (02.2657) SP2011Mary Tabaa, Mary Tabaa
3012141121434EDUC650_2647_SP2011EDUC 650 Education in Cultural Perspective (01.2647) SP2011Patricia Young
3124032120155IS698_7222_SP2011IS 698-Information Architecture for the Web (section 7) SP2011Jieyu Wang, Anita Komlodi
3211851118539EDUC795_2690_SP2011EDUC 795 Seminar in the Study of Teaching (01.2690/02.5047) SP2011Jerri Frick
3311651116542IS607_2071_SP2011IS 607-Introduction to Information Systems (section 1) Spring 2011Dana Smith
3492568115740ELC688_8030_SP2011ELC 688 Methods 1 (8030) SP2011Adam Rothstein, Monique Nicastro, Adriana Val, Carol Haddaway, Thomas Penniston, Teresa Valais, Heidi Faust, Joan Shin
3511521115254ENCE621_7536_SP2011ENCE 621 Groundwater Hydrology (01.7536) SP2011Claire Welty
3622582112933EDUC771_2678_SP2011EDUC 771T Research Design in Training & Education (02.2678/03.3890/04.7994) SP2011Keith Curran, Eugene Schaffer
3711271112792IS632_1943_SP2011IS 632 Networking (03) SP2011Jun-Jang Jeng
3810991109981IS632_1942_SP2011IS 632 Networking (02) SP2011Jun-Jang Jeng
3910341103473IS698_7219_SP2011IS 698 Special Topics in Information Systems (04) SP2011George Karabatis
4010311103173SOCY604_3391_SP2011SOCY 604 Statistical Analysis (02.3391) SP2011Elizabeth Flow-Delwiche
412818393967IS634_1945_SP2011IS 634 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (01) SP2011Wayne Lutters, Richard Goldman, Gergely Kovacs
42917191761HCC729_7229_SP2011HCC 729 Human-Centered Design (01.7229) SP2011Ravi Kuber
431822291148IS669_1950_SP2011IS 669 Project Management Operations (02) SP2011Jie Du, Marcella Wilson
44882188256MATH651_7382_SP2011MATH 651 Optimization Algorithms (01.7382) SP2011Osman Guler
45877187744EDUC601_2632_SP2011EDUC 601 Human Learning and Cognition (01.2632) SP2011Linda Oliva
461728286479PSYC711_4427_SP2011PSYC 711 Data Analytic Procedures II (01.4427) SP2011Shari Metzger, laura stapleton
472591386321BTEC665_6967_SP2011BTEC 665 MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION (01.6967/ENMG652_6966) SP2011Ted Foster, Dawn Kemp, Toby Gouker
481713285648EDUC655_2649_SP2011EDUC 655 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL/Bilingual Students PartII (01.2649) SP2011Yuliya England, Rebekah de Wit
493410485240BTEC662_6905_SP2011BTEC 662 GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES FOR BIOPROCESSES (01.6905/ENCH662_1141) SP2011Anthony Lubiniecki, Antonio Moreira, Susan Lavezza, Nancy Clements, Kent Malwitz
502477382533EDUC666_2655_SP2011EDUC 666 CROSSCULTURAL COMMUNICATION/ESOL TEACHERS (01.2655) SP2011Anna Sniadach, Heidi Faust, Eunju Chen